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A Taxi in Jordan
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Sheng Wan District
Famous for its bird's nest and shark fin soup (which you shouldn't eat), this area reflects old Hong Kong. High-end apartments and office blocks tower over small stores and traditional markets and it is less developed with modern buildings than other parts of the city.

Jungle Trekking
You will find plenty of places to explore nature outside the congested area of ​​the city. You can also explore or trek one or more of eight different "gearlands" distributed in the Sai Kung Volcanic Rock Region and the Northeast New Territories Sedimentary Rock Region. Both areas offer a great place to experience an edge of the city that few people ever visit because they can't escape the hustle and bustle of the area!

Have Fun at Disneyland
If you're on a family trip, or even if you're a backpacker in touch with your inner child, head to Disneyland for a fun day of rides, attractions, and junk food! Tickets aren't cheap and a day at any park will put a dent in your wallet... but something worth it! Adult admission is 619 HKD while children's one day ticket will cost 458 HKD.

Sim Sha Tsui Waterfront
Take a stroll along the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront, and enjoy the breathtaking skyline view of Hong Kong Island. While you're here, be sure to visit the Avenue of Stars, Hong Kong's answer to the Hollywood "Walk of Fame". Best of all, its free!

Big Buddha
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Mai Po Natural Area
This endless stretch of mangrove forest and muddy marshland is a haven for birds and invertebrates. More than 430 types of birds have been documented here and the area is protected from development. Since it is a protected area, the World Wildlife Federation's public guided tours are the only way to experience the area. Tours are Fri-Sun (from 9:30 a.m.), the last tour at 2:30 p.m. You can also see the annual migration from October to April. This is another option to see more than just HK's buildings.

Visit Po Lin Monastery
Built in 1924, this temple is located on Lantau Island. It is commonly referred to as the 'Buddhist Kingdom in the South' and ranks as the most spectacular structure among the four Buddhist temples in Hong Kong. Admission is free to see the Buddha statue, although it is 78 HKD to see the exhibitions. Food is included in the ticket, however, which is well worth the price – the food here is incredible!

Explore Tung Shoi Street
Also known as Ladies Street, this open-air market is located in the central area of ​​Mong Kok. It is one of the busiest places in Hong Kong and is packed with shops and cheap goods. Remember to bargain!

Lan Quai Fong. Experience the Nightlife
LKF is the main nightlife and party area in Hong Kong and is full of bars, clubs, shisha and cheap drinks. The nights here are wild and crazy and the place is packed any night of the week. If you're looking to go wild, you can't go wrong here. 001, Solas, Dragon I, and 6 Degrees are some of the places I like to go in the area when I'm looking for a night out.

Climb on the Dragon's Back
This route is easily accessible from the city and is a good way to spend a day out from the hustle and bustle of the city. The trail will take about 4 hours and is moderately strenuous, so be sure to bring plenty of water. There are many other routes in and around the city too!

Rent a Junk Boat
Don't let the name fool you! Junk boats are a traditional Chinese sail boat still in use today, mostly for tourists to cruise across the bay. If you can round up a group of 15 or more people you can rent an entire junk boat for the day (or half-day). Sail around the harbor in a traditional style. Expect to pay at least 300 HKD per person (more for good boats).

The busy and somewhat dirty area of Mong Kok, Hong Kong
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Enjoy the Nightlife
From karaoke bars to wild street parties to packed clubs, Hong Kong has some of the most spectacular nightlife options in Asia. Some notable options include 007 Speakeasy (with wonderful old-fashioned cocktails) and Dragon I, where you can dance until the early hours of the morning.

Watch a Show
The popular Broadway Cinematheque is the place to go for indie films; It is also home to the Korean Film Festival (as well as other high-profile film festivals). For a deeper cultural experience, attend Yau Ma Te Theater for some Cantonese opera.

Tour the Museums
Hong Kong has an endless supply of museums, so take your pick! One of my favorites is the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, which gives you a look at the city's artistic culture. Then visit the Hong Kong Museum of History to learn more about the city's complex and fascinating past. For something completely different, the Spacemuseum has some galactic exhibitions.