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Pestis de Nata - Custard Tarts from Portugal
When asked what is the best cuisine in the world, Portuguese food is rarely mentioned. But it definitely has to be when it comes to the best sweets in the world!

Pestis de Nata is a traditional Portuguese custard tart, with a delicious crispy and flaky pastry shell, loaded with a sweet, creamy custard center. It is best served hot with a slight dusting of cinnamon, it is impossible to eat just one of these. If you are vacationing in Portugal this year you are going back for more!

Best desserts around the world Portuguese Nata
These small pieces of bliss were first created 300 years ago by the residents of the Jeronimos Monastery in Belem. After the monastery closed, the original recipe was sold in a small cafe around the corner, pastis de belem, which still keeps it a closely guarded secret.

Almost every bakery in Lisbon has tried to recreate it, but each recipe has its own peculiarities and variations. You can now make a very good version at home thanks to this pasta de nata recipe of delicious magazine.

Pestis de Nata is a very worthy entry in our Top 10 Bakes from the worldwide list.

A cup of tiramisu with a glass of red wine at a restaurant
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Tiramisu - Coffee flavored dessert from Italy
Tiramisu needs no introduction - but we'll give it anyway. This classic Italian dessert is made from spongy fingers soaked in coffee, traditionally layered between whipped coffee-flavored mascarpone cheese with eggs and sugar, and then topped with cocoa. Literally meaning 'pick-me-up' in Italian, tiramisu is the perfect end to an Italian feast and can be found on most menus throughout the country.

Bakedin Best Desserts Tiramisu Worldwide
Tiramisu is still a relatively new dessert, with most records suggesting that it was invented in the 1960s in the Veneto region of Italy. Despite its youth, tiramisu has rapidly become one of the most popular desserts in the world - and soon, your home! The Butterlust blog has the perfect recipe for a super simple tiramisu that you can whip back into the blight.

Holi festival celebration with sweets, colors and Thandai drink.
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Gulab Jamun - Fried sweets from India
Gulab Jamun is easily one of the best sweets in the world. Imagine cutting a deep-fried donut soaked in a sweet syrup. Now think of something that is even better, and you have Gulab Jamun.

Gulab Jamun is made by deep-frying a ball by mixing dried milk powder, maida, curd and ghee with flavor. It is then soaked in an infused syrup for a few hours before topping it with crushed nuts.

Gulab Jamun Gul, the best dessert around the world
It is one of the best desserts around the world, traditionally served to celebrate festivals and parties or to welcome guests in Southern Asia. If you are traveling to India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal or Sri Lanka during your summer vacation, there is a high chance that you may be fed Gulab Jamun in a restaurant.

If you want to make these Indian sweets at home, go to the Black Pepper, Chili and Vanilla blog for Gulab Jamun recipe, which you can make at home.

S'mores - A Campfire Treat from the United States
If you're heading to North America for your summer vacation, one thing you're bound to try is - especially National S'mores Day celebrated every 10 August!

Called a contraction of the words 'few' and 'more', s'mores were first eaten around campfires in Scout camps in the 1920s. A s'more is made of two biscuits sandwiched with melted chocolate and marshmallows - traditionally melted at the campfire itself!

Bakedin's Best Desserts Smores in the World
S'mores reminds us a lot of our Choc Mallow Melt Cookie Kit, as it is essentially a fancy version of s'mores using home-baked cookies. So once you're back home, don't tremble outside next to the campfire, bake yours and make these s'mores from the comfort of your cozy kitchen!

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Churros - Deep-Fried Dough Sticks from Spain
Churros are traditionally deep-fried dough sticks originating from Spain, but they are now really popular in Latin America, especially Mexico, Colombia, and Guatemala. You are obliged to serve them at street vendors or cafes in each of these countries during your summer vacation.

Churros are made from choux-like pastries, which are poured into hot oil through a star-shaped nozzle, where they are fried until golden brown and then sprinkled with sugar. They are traditionally eaten for breakfast, dipped or drizzled with hot chocolate or dulche de leche, but you can also see them on the dessert menu at some restaurants.

The best desserts worldwide Churros
Although churros are traditionally deep-fried, check out our own baked churros recipe that gives you all the flavor without the fuss and guilt of a deep fat fryer. Let them go!

Lamington - Square Sponge Cake from Australia
Lamington's are traditionally made from a small square of vanilla sponge covered with chocolate and dried coconut, but they may also contain a layer of jam sandwiching two halves of Lamington's.

Lamington is named after Lord Lamington, who served as the governor of Queensland in the late 1890s. The story goes that he had some unexpected guests, so his chef dipped the leftover vanilla sponge cake in chocolate and coconut before serving it to the guests. It adds even more fuel to the fire which says that the world's best sweets are often made by accident!

Bakedin Best Desserts Lamingtons Around the World
If you are going to Australia with your family this summer, check out these delicious treats sold in all the good bakeries below. Do not let the fun stop once you get home! Use the Eat Little Birds Lamington recipe to recreate the bake for you.

Malwa Pudding - Hot Sponge Pudding from South Africa
Malwa pudding originates from South Africa, and is a sticky sponge cake made with apricot jam and served hot with creamy sauce or custard. It is often served in restaurants, so if you are visiting South Africa in the summer be sure to scan the dessert menu for it. Since South Africa will be in winter during our summer holidays, you can be thankful for a piece of this halwa on cold days.

Malwa Pudding
The name Malwa comes from the African word for marshmallow, thanks to its texture that resembles a marshmallow. The origin of this delicious dessert from around the world is not well known, but it is likely to come from the Cape-Dutch recipe.

Thanks to its soothing texture and delicious taste, the Malwa pudding goes down very easily. Even better, it is also very easy to make! Take this Malwa Pudding recipe from BBC Good Food and try it for yourself.

Photo by Ali Tarhini / Unsplash

Baklava - A Sweet Pudding of the Middle East
Without Baklava from the Middle East no list of the world's best sweets and sweets would be complete. It is a sweet pudding, often served in restaurants at the end of a meal when you are billed, but you can also order it from the cafe as a mid-morning or afternoon snack.

Baklava is made from layers of paper-thin phyllo pastry, sweet syrup scented with butter, chopped nuts and rose or orange flower water. It is usually made in large tins, baked and then drizzled with even more syrup before cutting into smaller pieces.

World's best dessert baklava
The history of Baklava is disputed, with both Greece and Turkey claiming its invention in the second century BCE. Despite its roots, it remains equally popular today and deserves its place on this list of the top 10 bakes around the world.

Lucy Loves has a good, simple recipe for baklava using shop-bought filo pastries and pistachio nuts if you want to try it once back home.

Baking Bak with Macha from Japan
Macha is a powder made from green tea leaves. While this does not sound like the traditional taste for sweet bakes, it does give the bake a delicate flavor that is delicious in a lot of desserts, ranging from green tea ice cream to matka cakes and cookies.

Bakedin Best Desserts in World Matcha
Anyone visiting Japan during the summer holidays will see Matka-flavored treats in cafes, restaurants and street food stalls - it's almost as popular as chocolate in the UK! If on your Japan trip you are dreaming of cooking your own recipes with matka, have a look at the blog of Just One Cookbook for some ideas.

Rum Cake from the Caribbean
Rum cake is one of the best traditional cakes around the world. Originated in the Caribbean, rum cake is a sponge that is baked in a saverine mold (giving it a slightly donut-style shape) and then soaked in rum. It is often topped with icing or dried fruits and nuts, so there are plenty of options.

Bakedin Best Dessert Rum Cake Around the World
It is traditionally served during the holiday season, but many souvenir shops and supermarkets load it to suitcases and sell it to visitors! Make sure that you check the alcohol level in the rum cake when you try it in the Caribbean. Some people report it to be drunk!