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If you are not already on the video marketing train, you can get a movie in a better way. People are now spending 80% of their time watching online videos, and 87% of influencers and online marketers are currently making videos as their primary content. Creating in-house video can be a lengthy and expensive process, but with a platform like TRIBE, you can essentially crowdsource high quality, on-brand video content using the skills of experience influencers. While many social media affected people are already creating and submitting their own amazing video content, many brands are not taking advantage of this effective marketing tool, simply because they do not specify that they want it Huh. Here you need to integrate more video content into your marketing strategy.

1 video more engaging

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Let us, while trying to research the products, we opt for a two-minute video on a five hundred word article every day Videos engage our senses more than any other content - because we can feel, taste or smell everything we see (yet) on our screen, watching it and hearing it as the next best thing is. Along with being entertaining, videos also prove to be easy to consume information. When a viewer is engaged with a video, they will retain 95% of its message, compared to only 10% while reading.

2 Increase your brand awareness

In this tech-savvy society, people are likely to make the first impression of your brand by surfing the web, so it is important to drive this wave. Your brand identity and personality is entirely based on the content that you communicate to the world, and customers will form their perception based on those communications. The video content in it is unique, which not only tells the story of your brand, but it shows it. Creating fun, vibrant video content will better reflect the personality of your brand, and is likely to be viewed, liked and shared. Statistics also show that brands and marketers using video marketing increase revenue 49% faster than non-video users: the more people you know about, the more customers you are likely to attract Keep it.

3 videos = better social reach

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Ensuring that people can find you online when it comes to developing your brand, and video content is the most efficient way to increase your online reach. Social video generates 1200% more shares than combined text and images, and the more people are sharing your brand, the better. Telling the story of your brand through videos created by influencers is an effective way to leverage this exposure, as it allows potential customers to 'discover' your brand. This means that, instead of being intercepted with an advertisement, people are able to get into your brand organically.

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Research shows that 94% of people rely on friends or strangers to make decisions on all other forms of marketing. If you leave your video content to a captive audience or a loyal influencer with a loyal following, your product is bound to sell itself. Fortunately, with TRIBE, great video content is only a click away. If you haven't already, it's time to integrate video content into your brand's online presence. Videos are the future of marketing, and if brands make it clear that they want them, influencers will run.