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Many of you might be wondering if travelling solo is any fun at all? Honestly, that entirely depends upon you! Some people would simply want to return home not long after they start their journey, some would remain sad for weeks, before they finally embrace it and some would fall in love with it the instant they start their trip.But here’s our two cents and points on why everyone should embark on a solo trip atleast once in their lifetime!

Photo by felfin05 evin / Unsplash

1. We’re certain that just like us, you’ve all had long discussions with your besties, planning the ultimate tropical vacation to Bali right after college ends or during your annual block leave; and just like us, when it finally comes down to solidifying those years of planning, “something always comes up”, either they’re suddenly too busy or have mysterious commitments! We feel ya! This is the Numero Uno reason why you need to go SOLO!! There are a thousand places to explore on Earth, a thousand experiences to live and foods to try but only one lifetime to make this all happen!

Adventure in the mountains
Photo by Holly Mandarich / Unsplash

2. Freedom, independence, personal growth and most importantly self-discovery. These are small words that have a gigantic impact on our lives!From our experience, SOLO travel wraps all the above in fancy gift wrapping and presents it to you at the end of each journey, and this gift dear friends, you can hold on to for the rest of your lives!

Talking of friends, we know some of you might be worried that if you travel SOLO, you’d never make any friends! *takes a pin and bursts the bubble* HECK, NO! Infact, you would have the most diverse group of friends, from fellow solo travellers to friendly locals with a keen interest of meeting new people!

A supermarket in Sri Lanka
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Speaking of locals, have you heard of our local Travographers? *wink*

They’re practically travel wizards and the most awesome bunch of localities who not only would be your portal to experiencing the most authentic culture of the city but also your personal photographers on the go!

So now that we’ve got you on board with us as our fellow SOLO travelers, we’re sure that you’re now thinking – Ahh! Screw my friends! I’m taking a solo backpacking trip across Europe? But wait! What’s the point if you don’t have those dope insta-worthy photos of you to show your friends??

Photo by Trabajar por el Mundo By Digital Explorer / Unsplash

Buddy, get yourself a vacation photographer from Travographer who could take you to the city’s most unique locations and then go on ahead and do a cartwheel, while eating your favorite ice-cream, in the backdrop of the city’s most unique graffiti wall, all while capturing your most flattering angle, in the perfect lighting. Say hello to our local photographers who are equipped with professional photography skills and a map of the hottest locations in town for getting the coolest shots the next time you go SOLO!

Hoping to see you soon!