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Photo by Racim Amr / Unsplash

Classic selfie
The selfie may take a bit of overplay for the Instagram photo idea.

But, listen to me: If you want to post a selfie, then by all means, you should do it!

Ultimately, your audience wants to see how you look. Just change it to keep things exciting.

Spice it up in another room in your house or in a public place where you come often.

Be creative with unique backgrounds like Cornfield in this photo of mine!

Wherever you are, you can take advantage of your surroundings and take great selfies!

Cute Instagram Picture Ideas - Selfie Against Unique Background

Creative Lively
Photo by Kunal Shinde / Unsplash

Nature Shot
Peaceful-looking nature photographs are always a great option.

You will be amazed at everything you can find to be photographed in the natural world.

If you live near a park, take a walk and look up at the sky through a tree, as I did in this photo example.

Even if you live in the middle of the city, you will still get to see something natural in the urban jungle that is worth seeing.

Just put on your shoes and go outside! 4

Cool Instagram photo ideas - unexpected outdoor perspective outdoor

Photo by roland deason / Unsplash

Polaroids and Instant Photos
Polaroid cameras and instaxes are back in style, and you can have stacks of polaroids and printed photos scattered all over your place.

The best moments can be captured with physical photos - and they make really cute Instagram picture ideas!

Even if you don't have an instant camera, you can still use your phone!

There are many good apps that use Polaroid frames as a template option.

Just put a favorite photo in the template and voila - you have a digital polaroid!

Creative Graphic Design
The best way to refresh your feed is to incorporate cool shapes, lines, and colors.

Adding creative graphic design is a great way to do this!

Apps like Easil provide a lot of show-stopping graphics, elements, and templates.

You can use these to design beautiful graphics that will definitely make your Instagram pop!

Not to mention, you can also add graphic design elements to your Instagram photos yourself!

Analogue Photography | edited with FILMDUDES Preset | download on www.filmdudes.net/presets
Photo by FILMDUDES / Unsplash

Detail Shot
Detail shot is one of the best Instagram picture ideas that you can take at home.

The photo I took here is not just a cup of coffee and a book I was reading - it captures the unique cloud pattern I see in my coffee cup!

The image captures a cool detail that caught my eye and you can see it just as I did when it happened!

Pro tip: Sometimes spur-of-the-moment snaps are not perfect. no sweat! Just use your favorite photo editor app to clean things up!

Product Photo
If you sell online or even repeatedly rave about your favorite brand, you should learn to take product photos!

A product photo usually works best as a detail shot.

Just like you take pictures at home, you want to remove clutter or tidy up so that you can focus on just one thing.

Here I cropped a big picture, which I featured with the featured storage containers.

You can clearly see the logo and what is the function of the product!

Photo by Timo Wielink / Unsplash

Find a quote that inspires you and post it!

There are many that you can repost from other accounts, just make sure you give them credit.

Or, you can create your own quote graphic using your favorite word art app!

Take it a step further and handwrite your favorite quote to give it a more personal element.

You can also tell in the caption why you chose that particular quote. In my photo example,

I was inspired by a quote to write a short poem!

Pet Photo
Accept it. You get a little jealous every time you post a picture of your pet. Why?

Because your beloved counterparts get more likes and comments than your favorite selfie and food posts. 4

And that's fine!

Snapshots of your four-pronged friends are cool Instagram picture ideas that will likely boost engagement.

Not only are pet pictures incredibly relatable, but you can get super creative by posting about your day using the cutest and cutest pictures of your cat, dog, fish, snake, or any other creature, With whom you decide to raise!

We stood cliff side looking out upon the infinite horizon of life.
Photo by Alex Iby / Unsplash

Couple Photo
Another classic, yet timeless way to share something about your personal life and connect with followers is to post a picture of you and your partner together.

It is very relatable and gives you behind-the-scenes information about what you do in your spare time with your favorite person.

Posting couple photos also provides an opportunity to talk about topics, such as relationships, love, marriage, and sharing space with another person.

This makes #CanRelate content easy!