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Intriguing Israel is a melting pot of Christian, Jewish and Muslim cultures and is a pleasure to explore. There are endless things to do in Israel, especially in the holy city of Jerusalem, from visiting ancient ruins and sacred sites, to enjoying local culture and culinary delicacies. So here is an assortment of fun things to do for unforgettable empty memories in Jerusalem!

1. Explore the archeological treasures of the Old City’s Christian Quarters

Enjoy a walk through the lane’s of Jerusalem’s Old City

Starting at Jaffa Gate, the Christian Quarters of the Old City depict the role of Jerusalem in Christian history. A walk through the Via Dolorosa, a translation of the 'sor way of sorros', is one of the most popular things in Jerusalem because it is believed to be the path Jesus walked on during his cross. As you pass through this stone passage, discover ancient establishments such as the Church of Holy Sepulkar, the Convent of the Sisters of Zion and the Acus Homo Arch. With a traditional Roman Catholic procession every Friday and a dramatic reunion of the events of Jesus' life running through the streets, visiting the stone passages in the region is one of the most practical things to do in Old City Jerusalem.

2. Witness age-old tradition at the Jewish Quarters in the Old City

With its historical roots dating back to the 8th century BC, and the Western Wall welcoming people of all faiths, a visit to the Jewish Quarter is one of the most soulful things to do in Jerusalem. As one of the holiest places in the Old City, the Western Plaza is the place where anyone can pray, meditate or perform miracles at a marvelous site. Many visitors place their prayer notes in the rift between the stones of the Western Wall in spiritual prayer and for self-interviews. Also, the Ramparts Walk is known for the best bird view of the Old City here.

3. Head to Israel Museum for a dose of history

If you're looking for things to do in Israel to enhance your archeological experience, dive into Israel's past as you marvel at the Israel Museum's vast range of age-old artifacts, ancient inscriptions and pieces of Jewish art. We do. Well preserved and artistically displayed, the Shrine of the Book, the Second Temple Model and the Billy Rose Art Garden are some of the notable treasures here. For art and history enthusiasts, a visit here topped the list of things to do in Jerusalem.

4. Experience Middle-Eastern culture at Machane Yehuda

Capture the local vibe of the city while exploring Machane Yehuda market

Maheen Yehuda Bazaar in Jerusalem New City turns into a street art gallery by night, with food, spices and souvenir stalls during the day. With closed shops adorned with spray-painted portraits of famous celebrities, this centuries-old marketplace is the location of hip restaurants and bars where locals and tourists come to enjoy. If you're looking for some local things to do in Jerusalem, whether it's shopping for essentials, shopping at local cuisine, or capturing local vibes, this is a market tour.

5. Take a day trip to the Dead Sea

Just a 90-minute drive from Jerusalem, a day trip to the Dead Sea is the perfect way to add some salty discounts to your list of things to do in Israel. Blessed with a picturesque coastline, brackish medical waters and desert surroundings, this heavenly body attracts tourists from all over the world. The salty water here is famous for its health and healing properties and it floats naturally on the water. So do not miss taking a dip in mineral rich water. Apart from this, you can also visit the ancient Masada Fort here, which is known for its archeological exhibits and spectacular scenery.

6. Step back in time at the Yad Vashem Memorial

Drawing a complex picture of the past, the Yad Vashem Memorial pays tribute to the millions of Jewish souls who were lost in the Holocaust. With the world's largest reserves dedicated to preserving the memory of these victims, this site in Jerusalem New City attracts more than one million visitors each year. Definitely an experience that will humble you, it will be an addition to your list of things to do in Jerusalem, simply because it provides a fascinating glimpse into the Israeli soul.

7. Spend time browsing the colourful markets of Jerusalem

Shop souvenirs and local produce in the street markets of Jerusalem

No holiday is complete without a memento, and when you are one of the oldest cities in the world, do not miss the antiquities of shopping and Armenian pottery. Shop for local spices, quirky jewelery, handcrafted ceramics, adorned with traditional Palestinian embroidery and during your Jerusalem holiday. From high end stores to local street markets where you can get in touch with the city's native vibes, the options are endless. Some of the shopping hubs you should visit are the Machane Yehuda Bazaar on Agrips Street 90, the first station on David Remez Street 4, stores in Jerusalem City Center and Malha Mall.

8. Enjoy a day trip to Tel Aviv from Jerusalem

The one-hour drive from Jerusalem takes you to Tel Aviv, a long coastline by the sea with exquisite beaches. If you are looking for tourist things to do in Tel-Aviv or Alma Beach for a peaceful retreat then go to Banana Beach. From metzitzim popular among youth to surfer-spotted Hilton, you will also find religious Hadoti, which makes different days for men and women.

9. Embark on a Biblical Safari at the Tisch Family Zoological Gardens

Divided into two levels featuring plant and wildlife species mentioned in the Holy Bible, with special exhibits such as Moses' Waterfall and Noah's Ark, visiting this Bible Zoo is one of the most delightful things to do in Jerusalem. If you are in the mood to skip the sightseeing, go here to see wildlife around the world, including alpacas, penguins and parrots!

10. Sample mouth-watering Mediterranean delicacies

Indulge in the gastronomic local cuisine of Jerusalem 

A paradise for food, Jerusalem is replete with a variety of exquisite and casual dining restaurants, where you can gorge on more than just Hum and Falafel! Try everything from kosher dishes at Ana Italian Cafe, modern Israeli cuisine at Machuneda, Turkish house-to-house turkey dinner in Azura and a beef affair in Jaco Street. Don't fret if you're feeling gastrointestinal on Shabbat day, head to Edom for desserts, Menza for cocktails and Zuni for the best hamburger in town!

11. Sip on Israeli Wine amidst mountains

What's better than a tour around fragrant wineries in the Middle-Eastern landscape? Visit wineries located around Jerusalem where some of the world's finest wines are made. Raise a toast to life as you enjoy the spectacular Juden Hills view and sip on the most cherished drink in Jewish and Israeli culture. One of the most popular things in Jerusalem, this wine-tasting allows you to become part of the Israeli culture and learn about its nuances.