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Below is my list of the top 10 things to buy in India - these are my personal favorites, plus I know they are a specialty of the region. I am also recommending products manufactured by artisans in India - hand-crafted by me personally. These items are really gorgeous! Believe me, you cannot resist buying these lovely things while traveling in India.

Girl in traditional Indian clothes
Photo by Drumin / Unsplash

1 Indian clothing.

India is certainly famous for gorgeous women's dresses, ranging from elaborate Pashmina shawls to silk saris, cotton kurtas (long, tunic-style shirts) to scarves. Many of these are adorned with hand beading and / or hand embroidery and will make you feel like a princess. You can buy Indian clothing online and just about everything else, or visit the Indian clothing stores in person.

Toraja Indonesia Weaving
Photo by Aditya Wardhana / Unsplash

2 Textiles

India excels on textiles including cotton, silk, wool, and linen, as well as an incredible array of homegrown printing and embroidery techniques. You can find a wide variety of things like block-print bedspreads, apical wall hangings, embroidered pillow cases - the list is truly endless. The high end features hand-beaded items that add fantasy and bling to home decor. There are also Khadi, hand woven fabrics which have their own charm.

3 Jewelry and Bling.

Indian women love jewelry, and embellish it bigger and more better. There is an amazing variety of real and costume jewelry - to go with your princess look. Buying jewelry in India is one of the cheapest things you can do, from inexpensive bangles to precious gems. Jaipur is the gem capital of India, but you can find jewelry everywhere.

Tea selection
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4 teas.

The champagne tea, Darjeeling, comes from the hills of north-east India. I recommend a second flush tea, which has more body, color and flavor. My favorite tea is from the state of Assam - this is where the tea industry started in India. It is very rich, strong and black tea. Eucalyptus tea from the Cardamom Hills of Kerala is also good, although commonly used for CTC (cut-tear-curl) tea.

Photo by MontyLov / Unsplash

5 Pashmina and other shawls.

Genuine Pashmina is a type of Kashmiri wool that comes from Pashmina goats in the Himalayas. it's very expensive. So, if someone offers you a pashmina for a small amount, such as 500 rupees / $ 10, then it is probably a mix (at best). However, India has many beautiful shawls made from blends of wool, silk, cotton and these materials.

6 aromatic products.

India is, of course, a land of sunshine. And a type of natural perfume extracted from attar, flowers, herbs, spices or ulcers has been used in India since ancient times. art and craft. Across India, traditional artisans make beloved rugs, furniture, pottery, clothing, textiles, boxes, leather magazines, home decor items - usually with unique regional variations that you discover when traveling around the country. Huh.

Photo by Valeriia Miller / Unsplash

7 skin care products.

Ayurvedic products, such as skin care and herbal remedies. Many commercial brands such as Biotic, Himalaya and Shehnaaz Herbal are readily available.

8 shoes and handbags.

From inexpensive leather jetties (traditional embroidered slippers) to crystal-beaded, high-heel evening sandals, shoes in India are fun and frivolous… and very intriguing.

Captured on Portobello Road, London
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9 books, music and movies.

Publishes a lot of books in English at very affordable prices in India, and at very affordable prices, and browsing the classic bookshops of Connaught Place in Delhi or book stalls in Mumbai and Kolkata is a favorite "time pass". But if you can't come to India, and want to read about India, want to buy any of them then check out my list of the top 25 books about India for recommendations and links to Amazon.

Kick back, close your eyes, listen. Remember exactly where you were when you first heard it.
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10 classical Indian and devotional music

CDs and Bollywood DVDs, make and make a great purchase for a long lasting souvenir. Bollywood is undoubtedly the world's largest film-maker and many of his films in Mumbai (formerly Bombay) are of top quality and attractive to audiences around the world.