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Photo by Juan Sisinni / Unsplash

Make a book frame

If you have a good book collection, use it as much as you can to create a frame around you! I used a medicine ball and piled my books around it, slowly building inward until it formed a fully formed circle! My husband and I very carefully removed the ball and the books stopped! Well… they stayed for about 20 minutes, which was enough time to take a photo. So make sure you get away quickly to make sure that all your hard work is not in vain! (Oh, and it looked like an earthquake when my books fell down!)

Vibes" "Journey of Love" by Peruquois ❤️ Share your co-creations/feel free to tag me @avasol144 :-)
Photo by Ava Sol / Unsplash

Set a flower bath

We have seen Bali's stunning flower shower all over Instagram, but how to try your hand at crafting one? Tip: Flowers start sinking if they are heavy (like sunflowers) and become very waterlogged, so be careful not to displace them when you are in the tub! If you have a roommate or spouse who lives with you who can take photos and help you, it may be worth it to set the flowers around you when you are already in the tub!

Build a Spa in Your Tub

If you don't have so many flowers (or if creating a flower tub is too much work), then how to create a spa experience in your tub instead? If you want to do something with your hands, enjoy your favorite book while you soak! (I think my hands can be very awkward if I have no support to work with!)

Show your roommate a little love

Get someone you are at home with in one shot! This idea of ​​a photoshoot at home is great for a best friend or romantic photo shot with your spouse / partner! I added flickering lights and took this photo by our fireplace for extra comfortable vibes.

Photo by Edgar Castrejon / Unsplash

Show what you are cooking

Staying at home means plenty of time for hobbies! Baking seems like a hobby of choice for a lot of people these days (at least it certainly looks like it on Instagram!) If you've made something fun (banana bread, anyone?), Why not show it? Whether you take a picture of the end results or do a cute kitchen photoshoot, there are plenty of home photoshoot options.

Throw Stuff

Movement in photos is always fun! For this shot, you'll need a tripod and some Photoshop skills. (Or you can use an app like PicsArt if you don't know how to use Photoshop!). The general concept is that with the tripod keeping your camera in exactly the same location, you can take multiple shots at once to create the perfect photo. I took a picture of myself in the photo above, in which there was no paper flying. Then I threw the paper in that area and Harrison used a quick shutter to rapidly catch the falling pages in the air. Finally, I sewed them together to make the final product!

Photo by Prudence Earl / Unsplash

Show Your Plants

If you are a plant mom like me, how about gathering all your plants together for a picture? I added some fun to this by photoshopping my book to be "houseplants for dummies" because I don't have a green thumb and I'm surprised that my plants are still alive! Bonus points if you can make a crown of flowers to wear - learn step by step how I made it here!

Pretend You're Elsewhere

Grab all the trinkets you have that remind you of one of your travels and put them together for a photoshoot! I went here on a Parisian-theme with a beret, croissant, and other small details.

Did you know Utah has its very own version of the Grand Canyon? Nicknamed the “Little Grand Canyon,” it is the deepest part of the San Rafael River canyon located directly beneath the Wedge Overlook (Overlook) in the San Rafael Swell (Swell). Looking down river from the Overlook, you can see where Buckhorn Draw—a narrow, winding canyon walled in by scenic sandstone cliffs—meets the San Rafael River canyon.
Photo by Patrick Hendry / Unsplash

Pose with your puppy

If you have a pet in your house, bring it with you in a photo! Animals are a hit on Instagram, so your post will probably perform even better than usual; This is a win!

Show your bedroom

If you have spent time decorating your bedroom, why not show it off? This is actually my friend's bedroom- how gorgeous is her mirror? This is one of Anthropology!

Create a flat layer of your favorite items

Make a very flat level of your quarantine shopping — or really whatever you want! To make a good flat coating, make sure that there is some kind of color coordination and a cohesive style.

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Show How You Work From Home

Or show how you want you to work from home 🙂 I don't really work from my bed, but can't resist the idea of ​​doing so! (This was actually a sponsored post for the blue light blocker glasses I am wearing and I love them! They are linked here!)

Relax Poolside (if you are lucky!)

If you have a pool in your backyard or condo / apartment building, there are some great photoshoots you can do at the side of the pool at home. (I'm still counting it as being at home- it's a gray area, so I'm going with it).

Change the viewpoint

There are some ways to change the viewpoint in photos. For one, try to lie upside down. Another idea involves shooting from different angles to try different approaches. You can also take a photo and then flip it to the side to see that you are walking on your wall!