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When it comes to am gram-worthy spots, there are endless Instagramable spots around the world, but where are the best places for Udaipur Instagram shot?
From urban skylights and tropical rainforests to cotton-candy-hifz cafes, we've rounded up the most photogenic locations in every country in the world. Places where you will snap travel photos that you want to share with everyone you know.
Visiting to Udaipur?
These are the top seven spots that you cannot afford to leave your feed.

1. City Palace

The City Palace of Udaipur is the most popular thing to see in the city. It is still owned by the Mewar royalty and is an incredible example of how the royal family lived. A mix of medieval, European and Chinese architecture, to see its colorful mosaics, beautiful balconies and lush green gardens.

2. Sahelion Ki Bari

This 'Garden of the Minds of Honor' is a quiet oasis in the city and is a beautiful place to snap some Instagram shots of Udaipur. Maharaja Sangram Singh II (1710-1734) is said to have built a garden for 48 girls received as his dowry.

3. Gangaur Ghat

This picturesque ghat (usually a location with places leading to the water where the locals roam and bathe) is a must visit at sunset. It is right on the shores of Lake Pichola and when the sun hits the last ghat, the stones shine beautifully.

Instagram Udaipur
Image: James Harvey/Flickr

4. Taj Lake Palace

Built in 1746, the Taj Lake Palace is a luxury hotel made entirely of marble and featuring majestic architecture. To reach the hotel, you must take a private boat to the palace on Lake Pichola.
Not only this, it is also the site for shooting many iconic films like the James Bond film, Octopussy.

Instagram Udaipur

5. 1559 AD

One of the essential things in Udaipur is to have dinner or a drink on one of the many terraces surrounding the lake. The most beautiful (and most delicious!) Of them all, 1559 AD. is. Turn around on a cocktail and soak up the views.

Instagram Udaipur

6. Lake Badi

Get out of the city and see some rural areas and more lakes (Udaipur is not a city of lakes for no reason). Badi lake is a beautiful and easy place, which is only 12 km from the city center. Arrive at sunrise and buy some local tea when you reach the top.

Instagram Udaipur
Image: Manvendr Singh/Flickr

7. Lake Pichola

Footbridge is particularly beautiful, as are the views of the Taj Lake Palace. This artificial lake was built in the year 1362 AD and is now one of the top photo spots in the city. No trip to Udaipur is complete without a boat trip around this lake.

Instagram Udaipur

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