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A sense of pride develops by celebrating the country's national holiday. Whether or not you have a history in that country, you are still there to dive into a cultural aspect that you have never experienced before. You make new memories, learn about rich history, and celebrate like a local.

St. Patrick's Day is a holiday celebrated around the world, however, with its roots in Ireland. This adopted universal holiday spreads happiness among those who are happy with their Irish roots or feel that they are Irish for at least one day. There are many cities in Ireland that celebrate this day, as well as many places around the world. Just in case you can't cross the pond for St. Patrick's Day, there are other cities you can meet, and Irish photographers can guide you.

When is St. Patrick's Day?
Every year, St. Patrick's Day falls on 17 March. Of course, the day of the week will depend on the year. In 2020, St. Patrick's Day falls on a Tuesday. St. Patrick's Day always falls on March 17 because of St. Patrick. St. Patrick is one of the patron saints of Ireland. Many Americans of Irish descent remember him on 17 March. Rarely, the holiday can be taken by Catholic Church authorities. This happened in 1940, so that the celebration did not fall on Palm Sunday. It also occurred in 2008 to avoid the last Easter before Holy Monday, Easter Sunday.

How to celebrate St Patrick's Day
St. Patrick's Day is a holiday to eat, drink and be merry. But if you are planning a trip around it, then you must prepare for it. Celebrate? Like this.

Choose your location
Apart from Ireland, many other countries celebrate this holiday. If you can't make it in Ireland, then keep in mind other places around the world. Usually, famous cities like to participate in holidays because it is exceptional. Once you choose the location, it will become easier to plan your trip. You can then book hotels, activities and your travel photographer!

The most common St. Patrick's Day symbol is shamrock. Shamrock is the leaf of the clover and symbolizes the Holy Trinity. It is also said to stand for faith, hope and love. If you can't make an actual shamrock and take it with you, there are plenty of Proper for the game. Try a temporary tattoo, a sticker, or even a small one to draw yourself.

Wear Green
Around the world, the green ensemble is typical of St. Patrick's Day and another symbol of Ireland in general. Historically, Revilers of St. Patrick thought that wearing green made a person invisible to Leprechauns and fairy beings. These magical creatures can be seen by anyone (or no one can wear green). Now, the celebrants sport the bright color of Ireland, which the country also calls "The Emerald Isle".

Choose your drink
It would not be a true celebration of St. Patrick's Day without celebrating the holiday. There are some beers and liquors in Ireland that define their country. For starters, one of its most famous beers is Guinness. There are several types of Guinness that make their way into Ireland every time. Other ales include Murphy's Irish Stout, Smithwicks' Irish AL, and Kilkenny Irish Cream AL. Abstain from beer? Ireland Jameson is also famous for Irish whiskey and Belize Irish cream. In fact, while celebrating, you will never be without wine in hand.

Choose your food
If you are drinking alcohol, you want to eat. You must try Staples of Ireland. Soda bread is a simple and easy meal to eat. Every family has its own recipe in Ireland. Some prefer it with honey or dry fruits, others sprinkle it with seeds and mix it in Guinness. But never mind, butter always stains on top. Irish stew, black and white pudding, and bangers and mash are also iconic and can be found in almost any pub.

In The Midst
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Book a photographer
Travelers want to live in the moment, not spending their time taking photos to remember later. Booking a holiday photographer, especially an Irish photographer, will help with the stress of keeping up. Professionals know what to do. When you are celebrating, your personal photographer is cracking up. They will make fun and clear pictures. Also, to take photos you have to put your beer down. Your holiday is special and unique. Many people do not get to travel as a celebration, so count it with a photographer!