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Italy is a must visit country and is one of the most traveled to destination in Europe, and rightly so! Italy is a beautiful country through and through, right from the medieval and colorful buildings along the canals in Venice, to unending acres of vineyards in the romantic Tuscany, the ancient churches set along the cobblestone streets in the city of Rome to the azure, sparkling beaches and stunning cliffs of Positano!

Photo by La So / Unsplash

There’s so much that Italy has to offer that it'll take you atleast a couple of visits to fully explore this romantic country! However, to get you started on your Italian adventure, we’ve curated a list of the best of the Italian highlights that you can discover! You can say Grazieto us after you’ve had an amazing Italian vacation after reading our travel guide-

1.Rome (3 Day Tour)

Since the flights to Italy’s capital city Rome is usually the most affordable, we recommend you to start your Italian adventure from the ancient, timeless and architecturally gorgeous city of Rome! Start your day early in this charismatic city by visiting the iconic Colosseum, which is an architectural marvel that has survived war, fire and earthquake and still stands tall as one of the Seven Wonders of the World!  Situated very close to the Colosseum is the intricately carved Arch of Constantine and a quick 10 minute walk from there will get you to the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill, which was where the first settlement in Rome began!

Taken from the top of the Vatican, on a vacation in Rome. I was blown away by the history, beauty, and majesty of this city, and this image captures all of these characteristics well.
Photo by Caleb Miller / Unsplash

If all the walking and exploring has got you hungry then don’t forget to munch on the delicious Italian pizzas and gelato! Post lunch you can visit a magnanimous pure-white marble monument that offers a panoramic view of the entire city, called Altare Della Patria, which was built to honor the first Italian King! An ideal end to your first day in Rome would be to watch a beautiful sunset from Piazza del Campidoglio, on top of Capitoline Hill!

Rome, Italy
Photo by L A L A S Z A / Unsplash

On day 2, rise early and beat the crowd to enjoy the stunning view from atop Castel Sant’ Angelo, which is a five floored circular military building that offers a spectacular view of the city below. From here head over to the Pantheon, which is one of the best-preserved buildings in Rome, the architectural beauty of which will blow your mind. The Pantheon is now a church, which has a ginormous dome at the top with a circular opening in the center that allows natural light to light up the gorgeous interiors! After exploring the Pantheon, walk towards Piazza Del Popolo to the beautiful church of Santa Maria Del Popolo and Villa Borghese. Take a break at the iconic Spanish steps, perhaps with lunch and gelato, before heading to make a wish at the Trevi Fountain, so that you’ll be destined to visit Rome once again!

View of Saint Peter church from Via della conciliazione at golden hour
Photo by Alberico Bartoccini / Unsplash

On day 3, visit the world’s smallest country – The Vatican City, which has only a 1000 residents! Within the walls of the city is the centrally located St. Peter’s Square which leads to the famous St. Peter’s Basilica, the interiors of which are covered with extremely intricate and stunning art. The dome on top of the Basilica provides a 360 degree view of the entire city. Also drop in a visit to Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Museums while exploring this tiny country!

2.Tuscany ( 3 Day Tour)

After experiencing the architectural marvels in the city of Rome, it’s time to head over to the romantic villages of Tuscany that is surrounded by lush green rolling hills, vineyards and medieval castles! A 3 day road trip through this scenic and picturesque countryside will have you recharged and refreshed in no time!

Amazing Sunset in Tuscany
Photo by Luca Micheli / Unsplash

From Rome, drive for 3 hours along the stunning route of Lago Di Bolsena to reach Saturnia where you can relax in the free to visit, natural thermal pools! Once you make your way to Tuscany, spend the evening exploring the medieval village of Montemarano and the next morning, rise up early to take a dip in the thermal springs before it gets too crowded!  After a refreshing morning dip, continue your road trip towards the beautiful city of Siena, where it feels like the time has stood still! In Siena, visit Piazza del Campo and the beautiful and peaceful cathedral called Duomo di Siena. Spend the rest of your day walking through the quiet, cobbled streets of Siena exploring this quaint little town or get your picnic basket and head over to a scenic picnic spot over one of the hills overlooking the vineyards of Tuscany, as the sun slowly sets behind the lush Tuscan hills!

Photo by Greta Farnedi / Unsplash

On your last day in the beautiful Tuscany, drive through the hills and enjoy the view of the vineyards, tiny picturesque villages, scenic landscapes and also explore the beautiful, timeless towns of Volterra and San Gimignano, that are merely an hour away from Siena, before you head over to the gorgeous city of Florence!

3.Florence (2 Day Tour)

Florence is actually the capital of Tuscany, but it is so beautiful and has so much to see that it requires a point of its own! You can explore this charming and romantic city on foot starting with the beautiful town hall of Florence called Palazzo Vecchio situated at the Piazza Della Signoria Square. From there you can head over to the gorgeous Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore which took over 140 years to complete and the Giotto’s Bell Tower, both of which offer 360 degree views of the entire city! You can end your day by savoring a delicious Italian pizza while watching the sunset from one of the many bridges over the serene Arno River.

Photo by Heidi Kaden / Unsplash

On your second day, put on some comfortable shoes for some more walking around this quaint city starting with the beautiful Boboli Gardens which is actually an outdoor museum filled with Tuscan trees, native flowers and stunning sculptures. From there head over to Piazza Santa Crocce and Santa Croce Basilica which is a very lively square that has a lot of quaint cafes and street performers! For watching another spectacular sunset, head over to Piazzale Michelangelo! The next day take a scenic train ride from Florence to Cinque Terre.

4. Cinque Terre (2 Day Tour)

Cinque Terre is actually a national park with five picturesque and colorful fishing villages built on hilltops thereby offeringincredibly scenic walking routes through this national park which is also a UNESCO area! If you’re in the mood to burn off some pizza calories, simply hike through the scenic villages of Cinque Terre – starting with the most picturesque village called Vernazza, where the hiking trail will lead you to a picturesque view over the harbor of Vernazza. The second village called Manarola is surrounded by vineyards and offers a stunning view from the Nessun Dorma Terrace.

The Cliffs of Cinque Terre
Photo by Jack Ward / Unsplash

Another quaint village that is built on a steep cliff is Riomaggiore. The effort it takes to reach the top by climbing all the stairs is truly compensated by the absolutely stunning view! The fourth village of Monterosso is the village that has a large sand beach with sunbeds and umbrellas, offering you a chance to relax after a day full of hiking! Lastly, the least visited village is that of Corniglia as it is the only village where the train doesn’t stop in the center. However, Corniglia offers a number of really fantastic hiking trails! You can spend your 2 days exploring the lanes and by-lanes in these beautiful villages, occasionally stopping for a break in one of the quaint little cafes on the picturesque terraces!

5.Venice (2 Day Tour)

Venice is one of the most unique cities in the world where everything is connected by boats and canals running right through the city!  The best time to explore this charming and romantic city is to wake up early or head out during late afternoon, in order to beat the rush. On Day 1 of your trip, visit the Saint Marco Basilica to see the stunning architecture and colorful mosaics inside the cathedral. From here you could head over to the historically significant Palazzo Ducale, the beautiful Bridge of Sighs and the mighty Campanille bell tower, all of which is connected by Piazza San Marco Square!

View from Academia Bridge
Photo by Henrique Ferreira / Unsplash

On the second day, start early and take a stroll to Ponte di Rialto which is the oldest bridge over the canals in Venice! From the bridge, you can take a walk to enjoy a rooftop view of Venice from Fondaco Dei Tedeschi, which is set atop a luxury shopping mall. Post lunch you could take a ride in the iconic Gondola and spend the rest of the evening getting lost in the tiny lanes of Venice, to get a taste of the street food and perhaps even indulge in some retail therapy!

6. Amalfi Coast (2 Day Tour)

Aura of Amalfi
Photo by Kayle Kaupanger / Unsplash

A drive to Amalfi Coast feels like you’re living in a postcard, with views so incredibly mesmerizing and stunning that you will find yourself halting for pictures at every other curve on the way! Start your Amalfi Coast tour at the beautiful beachside town of Positano. Imagine a crystal blue coastline, bordered by huge cliffs, which are completely covered with quaint white, yellow and blue cottages, with vibrant pink bougainvilleas covering the walls and the sides of the stairways that lead all the way from the coast to the top of the hills! Put on some comfortable footwear and simply allow yourself to get lost in the lanes of Positano until you stumble upon quaint eateries that offer great food served with incredible views of the sparkling coastline! Spend the evening lounging on the beach and watching the sun set into the azure, sparkling waters!

Photo by Andrew Buchanan / Unsplash

On day 2 of your Amalfi coast tour, head over to explore the ruins of Pompeii- the city which was destroyed by the Mt. Vesuvius volcanic eruption. You can spend your day exploring the sites that were entirely covered by ash after the eruption and also various monuments that withstood the impact of the natural calamities. The highlights include the Temple of Apollo, the Forum which is surrounded by religious and business centers at the heart of Pompeii, the oldest Roman amphitheater in Italy and the Temple of Isis. One can also see the grand villas owned by Roman merchants, including the House of Vettii, frescoed House of Julia Felix and giant House of the Faun which stretches over an entire block! The Italian government spends millions every year to preserve these ruins and if you’re a history buff, you would want to spend more than a couple of days exploring the ancient Roman city of Pompeii!

Photo by Alessio Lin / Unsplash

There’s so much more to see, explore and fall in love with in Italy! So until your next trip, make sure you have a ton of amazing pictures at all of the incredibly beautiful Italian destinations, and for that purpose do hire travel photographers from Travographer who would make sure that all your memories are captured in the incredible pictures that you can take back with you from Italy!