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A list helps us to get our heads together about what is important and what is not. This time, we bring together a list of the top things to take on a road trip. The type of utilities that should ideally be taken depends on the destination, the time of year and the number of days you will be traveling for. The following is a list of the top important things that you should take during an extensive road trip:

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medical kit

A well-stocked medical kit is probably the most obvious thing. This should include basic first aid items including band first aid, crepe bandage, specific medicines for your fellow travelers, motion sickness medicine, anti-allergy, antacids and ORS, which are especially useful for minor health problems. You never know what kind of road you are heading and as such, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Bulldozer tire
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Car essentials

Road trips are the most fun when you are traveling by car. However, the car is also after a machine that can withstand an accident at any time. The good thing is that most vehicle manufacturers offer roadside assistance to their customers. In other words, the highways are filled with small repair shops of these companies. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the possibility of breaking the car. However, it is always useful to carry basic equipment such as a basic emergency kit for the car, puncture repair kit, car jack, and jumping cable.

Here is a detailed list of the top things that should be packed with your car:

i) Duct tape and WD40

ii) Extra washer fluid, grease, transmission oil, brake fluid

iii) Booster cable, wipe grip, 3 / 8th drive socket set, combination wrench set, crescent wrench, multiple tip screwdriver.

iv) Roadside signal flares or reflector cones / warning signs

v) Spare belts (alternators, fans and air conditioner belts)

Electronic Gadgets

It goes without saying that you are traveling with your smartphone, tablet, music system and other electronic gadgets, without which you cannot imagine your life. When you do this, don't forget to pack your bag with a USB cable, as there is nothing worse than being in possession of a discharged phone or tablet. Having a USB cable certainly helps to charge a power bank, which is another handy mobile charging pad that is considered essential for your road trip.

Do not compromise on cleanliness

Nobody is going to say when nature calls. It can come at the most unexpected time and you have no choice but to answer it. Highways are usually filled with a lot of rest rooms along the way. However, how clean and equipped these toilets really are is no guarantee. This will definitely help you carry your own cleaning wipes and soap. Hand sanitizer is another important thing that you must carry. Tissue papers can help you clean out any spills and dirt in the car.

Baked chips and other bags of reduced fat junk food.
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food and water

If you are at the base of the shops you can find on the way to your destination, especially for water and food, then you are not. Fill your vehicle with sufficient number of water bottles. After which, you have to keep a tab on how much water is left in your car. As far as snacks are concerned, do not pack completely in lunch or dinner. Little munchies that can keep you going until you find yourself a good restaurant or dhaba.

Plastic items

The top plastic items you are about to carry include good quality plastic bags, proper shower caps, glass, plates, and spoons. As far as plastic bags are concerned, they help keep moisture to a minimum and keep insects away from food. They are highly useful when taken to toiletries or any other knock-knock. When you are traveling with children, it is helpful to carry plates, spoons, and glasses.

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Sunscreen / moisturizer

It is obvious that you will not be locked inside your car while traveling. You will obviously step outside and spend some quality time in the sun with your friends or family. In such situations, keep the sunscreen on. If you are constantly in the presence of air conditioning in your car, chances are that your skin has dried up. In such cases, you should keep your skin constantly moisturized. This item is by no means the most forgotten item on the road trip packing list.

Things needed for a comfortable time

You will be spending a lot of your time in the car. Therefore, it is advisable for you to take towels, pillows, bed sheets comfortably to make your time. These things can be especially helpful when you encounter an unexpected situation like spending a night in a car. Another important aspect that can complete your comfortable time during a road trip is an extra pair of goggles or contact lenses. Especially when you are driving most of the time.