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Heading to Jaipur? It is one of our favorite cities for its colorful backgrounds, intricate textures and gorgeous details!

Here are some of our avid photographers and design lovers!


Still owned by the Jaipur royal family, this Vastu Ratna is a lovely blend of intricate gates, manicured gardens, and burst of color that will dazzle your senses.

Jaipur City Palace Pink Wall
city palace jaipur pink city

The Diwan-i-Khas is a brick red building, adorned with arches and used as a private spectator hall for royal guests.

Moving forward, make sure you continue to the inner courtyard (Pritam Niwas Chowk) which has four gates which are elaborately decorated keeping in mind the four seasons.

Peacock Gate A favorite of many, this gate included among peacocks represents autumn.

peacock gate city palace jaipur

-> Lotus Gate Lotus Gate is decorated with lotus petals and many other types of flowers in the representation of summer.

Jaipur City Palace Lotus Gate

-> Rose Gate The Rose Gate represents winter and is represented by many roses.

-> Lehria Gate The final gate, also known as the Lehria (waves) gate, is dedicated to spring and is green in color.

leheriya gate city palace jaipur

To top it all off, it is worth it to pay an additional entry fee to reach the wondrous lunar palace. You get private entry to the beautiful rooms with your own guide.

chandra mahal city palace blue room

Entrance fee: ees00 rupees Chandra Mahal (royal grandeur): 2000 rupees Hours: 10 am to 5 pm, except open holidays.


Also called the Palace of Winds, the majestic grand facade has 953 windows to let the breeze through. If you look at the windows closely, you will see that they are very small, with few small holes. The reason for this was that the royal women could see outside but the public could not.

Hawa Mahal Sunrise
hawa mahal jaipur must see

The best way to see Hawa Mahal is first from the bottom and then in the rooftop cafe on the opposite side of the road.


The best part of Hawa Mahal is the front of the street as we did not feel the need to go inside.


One of the most spectacular sites in Jaipur - the main attraction of Jawahar Circle is the mesmerizing and recently built Patrika Gate.

Standing at one end of the Patrika Gate and looking at the intricately designed and layered arches is a must for anyone, especially if you are into photography.

To avoid the crowds and get the best light, try to get here just before sunrise. However, in our experience, sometimes it doesn't make much difference if you want to empty it.

Jawahar Circle Patrika Gate

We first came here at 1 in the afternoon and it was completely beside ourselves, whereas once we were here at 8 in the morning, only to have it fully packed. But overall, the earlier you get the better chance.

Entry: Free


The most popular destination for both locals and tourists, the fort of Ambar is a must see for the architecture, history and epic scenes of the city.

DSC_1685-1_zory 2.jpg

The best time to visit is right in the open, as the place is overrun by many visitors within an hour of opening. But if you can't make it earlier in the day, it's completely fine. This is a place where you can wander and get lost in the hallway.

Amer Fort
amer fort jaipur must see


The royal crematorium of Jaipur, this majestic cluster of royal tombs is barely on the tourist map, so it is a great place for quiet meditation and or quiet walks.

Gaitor Ki Chhatriyan
royal gaitor jaipur

It is also an excellent place for photographs due to the beautiful architecture and clear colors. Just watch out for the monkeys! :)

Entry: 30 Rupees


This unique Hindu temple has a large draw due to a colony of playful monkeys and religious pools. Many pilgrims come here to wash away their sins but we have come here to investigate monkeys and unique architecture. It is up to you for what reason to come - maybe both!

monkey temple jaipur
Galata Ji temple
Galata Ji Monkey
Monkeys Jaipur

Entry fee: free but donation of 100 rupees expected

Note: We had taken an Uber here, but after sunset it was quite difficult to come to pick us up. There are some rickshaws hanging down below, which may be your only option down the main roads below. Luckily, after a couple tries we got an Uber to pick up.


Usually combined with visits to Amber Fort and Panna Meena Ka Kund Stepwell, the views of Nahargarh Fort are one of the major reasons to visit. If you want you can roam all the hallways and ramparts throughout the day.

Nahargarh Fort
nahargarh fort

But to maximize your journey, at least around sunset check out the ramparts of the ramparts that will give you some of the grand sights of Jaipur. There are parts of the wall that you can climb for some epic photos. If a guard is hanging around, you may have to bribe him to see another way. Of course, climbing any wall is done with your caution because some walls are crumbling.

Entry: 200 rupees Hours: 10 am to 530 pm


India is covered with many stunning beautiful steps, one of the most accessible and well maintained in Jaipur.

step well jaipur
step well jaipur

Like real life, geometric MC Escher piece of art - Staircross in a mesmerizing pattern. In the past it was used as a water source, bathing site and a place to gather community.

Most likely, you may have seen pictures of people inside, but the guards there will not put anyone down. The only chance you will have on stepping well is getting past the sunrise to bribe the watchmen, with the main key being that there are no other tourists.


Situated in the hustle and bustle of Jaipur - Samod Haveli completes the impossible - a quiet gardening paradise without the loud dine of chaotic streets.

samode haveli
samode haveli
samode haveli

Being one of the main houses of the elite Samode family, the interiors and gardens of the mansion will literally wow you. I think I said 'wow' about 34 times during my stay and journey.

samode haveli
samode haveli
samode haveli
samode haveli pool

Some of the highlights include a pastel beautiful seating room filled with hand painted murals, an adjoining interior living room (which is almost more luxurious), Jaipur's prettiest pool and all over the beautifully manicured gardens Are sprinkled in

Every room here is quite different with its character, arches and hand painted murals.

If you are in Jaipur for a few nights, then it is definitely worth staying here and a few nights in a room too!

samode haveli suite

We thoroughly enjoyed our morning walk with one of the hotel concierge. He took us for a walk through the old town, with stops along the way for bites and chi, culminating in a wonderful morning trip to the temple and flower market.


If you like Samode Mansion, then you should do a short trek outside Samode Palace. Run by the same Samode family, which used to own 45 villages in the area, which is located in Samod village.

samode palace
samode palace
samode palace
samode palace

Built in typical Rajasthani palace style, it was the kind of place where royalty gained audiences back in the day.

samode palace

One of the highlights includes the spectacularly impressive Durbar Hall, which features intricately hand-painted murals that are all over 250 years old. The colors and detail of all the murals are astounding and well preserved.

samode palace

You should also see the murals in the second floor room. There is a bit better lighting and you can spend some more time there.

There are also two pools - the larger main one and the upper floor with a heated spa. Both are great for photos too!

If you only come for the day, you can visit the Durbar Hall, while the rest of the hotels are for guests only.

samode palace room
samode palace hotel jaipur
samode palace wedding

If you are doing a short trek here, I would definitely recommend staying for a night or two! It is quite magical to watch the sunset here and to wake up for the sunrise for a walk around the city.


For a piece of Italy with a flourishing Jaipur design elements, be sure to swing by Bar Palladio. Started by Italian owner Barbara Mollini in 2013 - she originally moved to Jaipur to start her own textile factory. But after some time in Jaipur, he decided that the city needed his touch of Italian temperament - thus Bar Palladio was born!

Bar Palladio

Swing just before sunset so that you can see the hand painted murals in detail and dip in all the beautiful blue and white colors here!

Bar Palladio Jaipur Best Bar

When the sun sets, be sure to turn around for a drink and to see the energy from the locals who hang out here.

More coffee types? They also run a cafe just a few blocks away called Cafe Palladio! The interior is by the same designer.

cafe palladio jaipur
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