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Jibhi is known as Himachal Pradesh's best-kept secret. This village is so stunning that you can’t take your eyes off.

It would be understandable if you've never heard of Jibhi before. It is unquestionably an unusual and rather secluded vacation that is not well-known. Jibhi is a small pastoral village in Himachal Pradesh's Banjar Valley, nestled between the Himalayan ranges of mid-Himachal Pradesh. It's nothing more than a smattering of traditional Himachali dwellings, a few home stays, and plenty of lush greenery.

Jibhi is covered in big splotches of apple orchards, galgal (hill lemon) bushes and large grasslands. The woodlands around it are a combination of oak, deodar, cedar, and pine, giving the earth a particularly woody scent during the monsoon season. Jibhi weather is pleasant almost all year, and each season brings with it a variety of thrilling and adventurous activities.

How to reach Jibhi?

Jibhi is located in the Banjar Valley, roughly 500 kilometres from Delhi, 283 kilometres from Chandigarh, 160 kilometres from Shimla, 100 kilometres from Manali, and only 60 kilometres from Mandi.

Despite the fact that Banjar is formally part of the Kullu district, Banjar is located in the central Himalayas and is part of the Seraj constituency. The mountains get progressively taller as you travel east, and the famous Great Himalayan National Park is located to the north-east.

Jibhi can be reached easily from any large city. The two most common bus routes are Delhi to Jibhi and Chandigarh to Jibhi. However, there is no direct bus, train, or aircraft service to Jibhi. There is a methodology to it, and it is also dependent on the Jibhi weather at the time. This can sometimes lead to changes in transportation systems.

How to reach Jibhi by Bus:

HRTC, HPDTC  many other private companies have buses going from all major bus stations in Delhi, Chandigarh, etc. If you live anywhere around Delhi without any major bus station, we recommend you travel to Delhi because the Delhi to Jibhi bus is the easiest to take. You can opt for luxury Volvo buses or more economical deluxe buses.

The nearest bus station to Jibhi is Aut. You will have to get down at the Aut Tunnel bus station and move onward to Jibhi, private cab normally charges you between INR 700 and 1000 to drop you at Jibhi.

How to reach Jibhi by Train?

The nearest railway station to Jibhi is Chandigarh, which is over 250 km away. You can reach Chandigarh to Jibhi by taking the train to the CHD and then continuing onwards to Aut on a bus or a private cab

Things to Do in Jibhi, Himachal Pradesh

Visit Jalori Pass: For Pine Trees and Rocky Hills

From Jibhi, the Jalori pass is 12 kilometers away. Its located at an elevation of 3000metres. It's a beautiful place where you can get back to nature. You can hear the minimal whispers of nature as well as the breeze that flows. It is a wonderful place to visit because of the serenity of pine trees and the beautiful shapes of rocky hills. The surrounding of this place is mesmerizing, which makes it a must-visit.

A walk through some beautiful plants and wildlife will give you a real sense of nature. This place is worth a visit because of its scenic beauty. The feeling of being relaxed, tranquility, and free from the hectic world is the foremost reason to travel here. It simulates a paradise on earth. Pack the appropriate clothes according to the season. A trip between November to March needs proper woolen clothes as that is wintertime in this region.

Jibhi Waterfall

Visiting Jibhi Waterfall with your family or friends is one of the best things you can do. It is a 10-minute drive from any Jibhi homestay. Entry to the waterfall is free of charge.

A well-paved stone path and small streams of gushing water lead you to the waterfall. Small wooden bridges that you cross provide Instagram-worthy images, don't worry about the perfect short Travgover has it covered for you, with the best professional photographer on site.

Mini Thailand

A half-hour drive from Bahu village will take you to "Mini Thailand". The name of the spot makes you curious, the reason why precisely because of this curiosity that we had included the spot in our Jibhi itinerary.
It takes a short 10-minute walk from the ‘Mini-Thailand” signboard to reach the spot, so tread carefully as the first part of the hiking trail is slippery and has a steep descent.

The place is a cove between two massive rocks, forming a shallow turquoise pool where you can dip your feet and chill. The water is clean, cold, and crystal clear so you can opt to swim as well.  Get loads of picture clicked and create good memories in India’s own Mini – Thiland

Chhoie Waterfall

Chhoie Waterfall is about 30 minutes away from the Shringa Rishi temple by car. A moderately easy hike of about 45 minutes to one hour gets you to the waterfall. There’s a separate parking lot near the starting point of the hike for you to park your vehicle. During your hike, you'll see mountains and a river stream. Chhoie waterfall is almost three times as large as Jibhi waterfall.
The waterfall is a lovely stream of water that flows through the rocky outcrops like a white silk curtain. Even standing at a distance, you can feel misty sprays. The water at the base of the waterfall is cold, clean, and safe to drink.

Few must visit places to explore on your visit to Jibhi:

Shangchul Mahadev Meadow, Shangarh

This place is one of our favourite things to do in the Jibhi itinerary. Located in the surreal Sainj Valley, the Shangchul Mahadev Meadow of Shangarh (or Shangarh Meadow) is basically “Europe served to you on a plate without a visa”.

Serolsar Lake

The beauty of this ethereal lake makes it one of the best things to do in Jibhi. If you’re hiking during the monsoon, then carry a raincoat with you too.

Raghupur Fort

The fantastical magnificence of nature that you experience here leaves you spellbound, Time literally comes to a standstill as the cold breeze hits your face and you find yourself amidst absolute silence.

We hope you include all this places to your itinerary, and don’t forget to book us for clicking pictures to make your trip memory even more special. To make you Jibhi experience count book a photoshoot with Travographer and forever live in these beautiful Jibhi memories.

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