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trees beside the mountain
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When is the best time to travel to Ooty?

April and May are the best months for tourists in Ooty to participate in those months.

What are the places to visit in Ooty?

Ooty is the best place for sightseeing and has a lot to offer to visitors.

The main things to see in Ooty are ..

1. Botanical Garden

2. Ooty Lake

3. Doddbetta

4. Rose Garden

5. Payakara Lake

6. Avalanche

8. Mudumalai

9. Nineth mi

10. Wax Museum As a tourist,

The hills in Ooty, tamilnadu, India
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where can I get more information about Ooty?

tourist information centre, Hoteliers Association, Charting Cross, Ooty-643 001. Tel: (0423) 2443837 Tourist Officer, Tourist Office, Government of Tamil Nadu Wenlock Road, Ooty - 643 001. Tel: (0423) 2443977,

What will be the weather in Ooty during summer and winter?

Weather will be 15'C to 25'C during summer The weather will be from 5'C to 15'C during winter.

Where can I go for boating in Ooty?

Boating available in Ooty Lake and Pykara Lake

Where can I take a wildlife safari in Ooty?

Wildlife jungle safari is possible in Mudumalai (60 km from Ooty city center)

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What are the popular activities in Ooty?

Hiking, trekking, boating, fishing and safari

Is it safe to go to the highest peak of doddabetta in Ooty?

Yes it is safe But near the rocks one needs to be careful. They are skiddy and slippery

Leaf - Scout fall
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Where can I watch film shoots in Ooty?

Places like Nineth Mile and Sixth Mile are the best places to watch film shoots.

Is the Ooty mountain train safe and where can I get tickets?

Ooty Mountain Train is very safe and you get tickets from Ooty Railway Station or Mettupalayam Railway Station.

Does Ooty have an elephant camp?

Yes, there is an elephant camp in Bokkapuram, near Mudumalai.

Where can I go for trekking in Ooty?

Trekking routes are available at the Tourist Information Center and you need the permission of the Forest Officer for trekking.

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Nearest airport of Ooty?

Coimbatore and Mysore

Languages ​​spoken in Ooty?

Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Badga and English in some regions

Is there a museum or art gallery in Ooty?

Yes, there is a small wax museum and art gallery, called "Lalit Kal Academy".

How far is Ooty from Coonoor and Kotagiri?

Coonoor is 20 km and Kotagiri is 30 km from Ooty.

What is the city center area of ​​Ooty?

Charing Cross is the city center of Ooty.

Where can I go shopping in Ooty?

Charing Kos and nearby areas are the best for shopping in Ooty.