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A holiday destination for all seasons, Goa is a lot more than the beaches. The place is associated with great history and culture that one is fortunate enough to see through its monuments. While going there you will also experience other things, once around the state some things may be missed. So, we have listed a small guide for you to understand the state inside and out.



The party capital of Goa is also known as Rome of the East. The state of Goa was inhabited and colonized by the Portuguese for nearly 450 years. This powerful influence still manages to penetrate Goa through its lush corners. Therefore, it is considered to be a land that encapsulates unique cultures and heritage and labels as one. The people of Goa or Goa follow both Hindu and Christian religious practices. Not only his own, but also his presence and friendship with people of other religious backgrounds can be seen. Goa has many holy places such as churches, temples and mosques. You will not only see the print of their uniqueness through their mosques or temples. Their charm extends to the local cuisine, their language, their friendliness, architecture, history and positive vibrancy which it covers perfectly.

Goa Culture


During the beginning of the fourteenth century, Goa was conquered by Islamic invaders for a very brief period. Due to its suitable location next to sea water, Goa was the perfect place to establish the Vijayanagara Empire. The empire was established in Goa at the end of the fourteenth century. During the peak of the Vijayanagara Empire, the coastal region was used by traders to import Arabian horses from the Middle East. During the beginning of the sixteenth century, European forces began their journey to India, where the Portuguese eventually conquered Goa. Christianity missionaries led by Saint Francis Xavier entered India. His remains are preserved in the Basilica of Bom Jesus, the Roman Catholic Basilica, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Goa was under Portuguese rule for more than four centuries. In late 1961, the Indian Army entered Goa, forcing the Portuguese to finally pack their bags and leave. Goa finally got the status of an independent state in 1987 and its regional language Konkani was also recognized as one of the official languages ​​of India.

History of Goa


The people of Goa are very sensual people who are always ready to help. Christians living inside the state of Goa speak fluent Konkani language which has been influenced by the Portuguese presence, which can be evaluated in their vocabulary. Konkani is known from the ancient language of Indo-Aryan civilization. The languages ​​spoken by different communities of Goa vary to a great extent. Although Konkani was spoken to a large extent when the Portuguese conquered Goa, it was still largely suppressed not only for communication but also in the field of education. A mixed descendant minority of the Portuguese still live here. He is known for speaking Portuguese, is educated and follows Devanagari and Latin script. Those who live in the northern part of Goa will have a higher pronunciation of Marathi and Hindi due to their proximity to the city of Mumbai. Also, English is a common language here so that you will be able to communicate here easily.

During the Portuguese reign, army and religious people destroyed the temples of the state and caused most non-Christians in the region to convert themselves as well. The people of Goa are appreciated for their great enthusiasm for life and modern mentality unlike other parts of the country.



Goa is known for its vibrant festivals, Indo-Latin festivals and carnival. The festivals held here enjoy the European style theme. Apart from the recurring carnival, one must also visit here during their festivals. On the other hand, traditional Hindu festivals are often celebrated around the world. Some of the top festivals to enjoy include Easter, Diwali, Christmas, Ganeshchathurthi, Goa Carnival, Feast of St. Francis Xavier and many more.

Top festivals to enjoy in Goa are:

  • Shantadurga – Celebrated in the month of January, the Shantadurga festival is celebrated to honor the goddess Shantadurga. The festival is famous for processions, five-day fairs and many cheerful cultural activities across the state.
  • Republic Day –  The Republic Day, celebrated every year on 26 January, honors the day when the Constitution of India came into force on 26 January 1950, which replaces the Government of India Act of 1935 as a governance document of India. Thus, the nation was transformed into a newly formed republic.
  • Wine Festival – The annual wine festival or wine growing festival involves the cultivation and harvesting of grapes that occur after the grape harvest. It occurs around the Northern Hemisphere which falls in late September and lasts through the month of October.
  • MahaShivratri – Maha Shivaratri is the most celebrated festival across the country. It is celebrated to honor Lord Shiva. Vibrant dances lead the celebration of this grand Hindu festival. People choose to practice fasting, prayer and meditation to adopt greatness and their beliefs.
  • Goa Carnival –Goa Carnival is one of the most awaited celebrations in the entire state of Goa. Celebrations begin from the month of December to celebrate this carnival with spectacular music, dance and entertainment. People also parade, plays that beautifully portray Goan traditions.
  • Holi – The bright festival of Holi is celebrated worldwide for its mythological significance. One can always choose to celebrate in the state of Goa as it is also known for its great Holi celebrations. Many churches and temples can also be seen adorned with their exterior and interior colors that celebrate this festival.
  • Shigmo – During the spring season, the Shigmo Festival takes place in the Konkani Pravasi of Goa which is considered to be one of the most beautiful and auspicious Hindi festivals. This festival is celebrated for five days. Hindus are known to celebrate Holi in other parts of the country which is also a part of it.
  • Easter – Easter is an important Christian holiday that reminds of the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. This is the conclusion of Jesus' passion which is followed by 40 days of fasting, prayer and penance.
  • Diwali – A grand Hindu festival, Diwali is celebrated for its vital importance in the hearts of all across the country. People decorate their houses with lamps and lamps and celebrate them for several days.
  • Feast of St. Francis Xavier – The Feast of St. Francis Xavier is a grand festival in Goa where they pay tribute to the patron saint of Goa. It is celebrated from 21 November to 2 January, for which people from all over the world gather to celebrate the death anniversary on 3 December. The Basilica of Bom Jesus also has mortal remains of the saint.
  • Christmas –Christmas is another grand festival which is celebrated all over the world. On 25 December, Jesus Christ is born, which is liked by people of all ages. Santa, cakes and adorned Christmas tree gifts are ways through which people like to celebrate Christmas.


Anyone who has ever heard of Goa or known from Goa is well aware of how delicious its local food is. The staple food of the region includes various seafood along with rice. If you are going here and are vegetarian then you must try it. Goan cuisine is mainly inspired by Portuguese, Konkani and Brazilian cuisine. Some of the top fish species that you will find here include ladyfish, lobster, tiger prawn, squid and many more. Spices are often available here and easily. Since coconut grows in abundance, you will be able to see many products that contain coconut. Spicy food lovers will enjoy the local cuisine as spices grow in abundance here and they find a prominent place inside the cuisine and prepare many dishes. But the uniqueness of the food is not due to the spices, it is combined with the presence of vinegar which gives the food a unique taste. There is also a large amount of garlic in Goa cuisine. The iconic drink of Goa is cashew wine which is prepared by fermentation of cashew fruit. If you are looking for a non-alcoholic drink while vacationing in Goa, you can try some lemon soda, kokum juice, coconut water and sugarcane juice.

You should try to eat some of the best vegetarian dishes while glancing through the Goan restaurant's menu, including Pork Vindaloo, Goa Sausage, Chicken Cafe, Chicken or Vegetable Xacuti, Fish or Vegetable Caladine and Feijoda. Some great dessert options may include dosé, dodol or a babinka.
The traditional musical styles of Goa include both Dulpod and Mando. Majority of the Hindu religions of Goa enjoy the Bhajan style of kirtan, drama and music. Goa is also known for its different dance forms, which can be attributed to various religious festivals and events. Traditional dance forms of the land include Phugdi, Decni, Dashavatar, Corridinho and others that date back to the Portuguese era. The aspect of dance and music of Goa is an incredible



Dikhani dance is an extremely popular song and dance performance form and tradition of Goa. This is performed while wearing a robe, the dance form is at all times accompanied by a song that plays in the background, the effect being more westernized while the dance is of Indian origin. The dhunni dance is performed by female artists only.

Dekhni Dance


Performed in the spring months, Goff Tolgadi and Shigmo, a local dance form of the Goan community, offer this dance while bringing the new month to new crops. It is often performed by people living in the Canacona taluka of Goa, with weaving weaving with a variety of colors. Shigmo is another traditional dance form consisting of a parade of tableaux, on which we can see outstanding actors communicating the epic history of Goa. To celebrate their happiness, people wear colorful clothes and also beat drums and drums.

Goff Talgadi and Shigmo


The state of Goa is not only known for its beaches across the country. But it is also famous for its shopping markets. While on a trip to Goa, you can shop for some of the best beachwear, junk jewelery or casual footwear. If you are looking for some great foods to take home, then you can probably shop for some sausages, seafood, fruits and vegetables. You can also have some fabulous clothing pieces that can be either by local designers or by the designer who owns the fashion boutique. It is generally advised that when you are out for shopping in Goa do not think that you will be done in an hour or two. Take some time out of your holiday schedule for shopping, especially around both malls and local streets. The ideal time would be at least one to two days. You can choose to lay your hands on some great craftsman and bamboo toys, for which Goa markets are famous. Jute articles, bamboo articles, brass sculptures, wooden articles, papier-mache, embroidery, coconut shell articles, and more.

Shopping in Goa


Goa, as we all know, sits near the beautiful beach. The spectacular mix of blue water and sand beaches calls everyone to its shores. But if you think you are either sunbathing on the beach or lying on a beach chair, then you are definitely wrong. There is more in Goa. An important and fun aspect of Goa is its adventure sports. Many beaches offer various adventure activities. So whatever activity you plan to choose, you should plan in advance because you have to travel to that particular beach. Some of the famous adventure activities offered in the state include thrilling scuba diving, snorkeling, trekking, knockboarding, windsurfing, water skiing, water scooter, water rafting, kite surfing, banana boat ride, kayaking, hot air ballooning, aqua zorbing . And many more. Whether you are a water baby or not, you should definitely consider trying at least a couple of these activities as they will definitely add a bit of that excitement to your vacation.

Adventure Activities in Goa


Its culture has a strong influence in the costumes of the people of Goa. As for its culture and lifestyle, the clothes of the people of Goa are equally vibrant and colorful. Although you will be able to add a Portuguese influence to the western costumes of men and women. A nine-yard sari with pano bhaji and traditional jewelery is considered a traditional dress for the women of Goa. The funniest scene for Sakshi was a group of Koli fishermen dressed brightly and having a bamboo heart. During the Goa Carnival, you will be able to witness more vivacity and extraordinary charm.

Goa Clothing


Goa is known for its beauty and attractive nightlife. From beaches, restaurants to shacks you can enjoy a great meal with your group of friends, hosting drinks, dancing to music tunes. If you want to eat with your partner in a restaurant where some soothing music is playing then there are plenty of options for you to try. Similarly, if you are in the mood to go out exploring Goa's nightlife then you can drop by the bar or nightclub. Here the burs work until the night is dead, so when you're going to close it, don't worry about it. But, if you want to do a night dance with your friends then there are nightclubs too. Be sure to stick only to licensed people.

Goa Nightlife