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  1. Plan According To The Weather

November through April is the peak season of Maldives vacation due to prime weather with endless soft sunshine. Obviously, you will get sky-high prices on everything from accommodation to activities. For a budget Maldives trip plan, traveling during shoulder season, ie, between the peak season and off-season, will be among the best Maldives travel tips as the weather will be still pleasant and 20% reduced occupancy in resorts will bring you exciting discounts and great services. Tips on the Maldives trip plan mentioned below will help you to understand what is the best season to travel there in the Maldives. Although rain is common during the off-season, it considers rain all day. Hence, the period from April to September can be your best bet. Look out for Iruvai - winter monsoon during October and November in Maldives and Halhangu from May to August.

2. Choose your airplane ride wisely

One of the most important suggestions for first time visitors to Maldives is to choose regional or domestic flights from Middle East Asia as these are cheap options. Choosing a flight to Malé and then transporting Maldives between the islands to reach specific islands will be inexpensive, although you can also choose a round trip seaplane ride that will be unforgettable, albeit expensive. You can also choose a domestic flight to Maldives for transfer. Flights may be delayed and there is no set time for seaplane transfer within its dawn-to-dusk window. So try to plan for the flight to have the land transferred to the island before 4pm in the first half of the day, otherwise you will have to spend the night in Male and transfer as soon as possible the next day.

3. Book Hotels and Flights Online

Travel to Maldives tips and tricks are numerous and one of them is to check the available flights online before the trip to take advantage of the cheaper costs. The same goes for hotels or resorts, especially if you are planning a trip on the shoulder or peak season, as most people and travel agencies book well in advance. Where to stay in Maldives, which island is the best, there are some common questions that come to mind. In this case, the Maldives travel guide will help plan a wonderful trip there and explore the joy of staying in the islands. Compare hotel prices and flight prices and after verifying if it is authentic, obviously go for the cheapest option.

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4. Follow the original written rules of the land

Planning during the 1-month period of Ramadan is a no-go as many hotel workers will be out to meet families. Also, the availability of food during the day will be a challenge and many services and shops will be closed, especially during prayer times. Don't expect to get pork and wine. In addition, one of the most prominent Maldives travel tips to follow at this time is to ensure that you are covered, especially the knees, shoulders, abdomen, chest and elbows when visiting the local islands. When you are planning a trip to the Maldives the rules are for the time one is traveling to the local islands but the resort islands are quite relaxed and anyone can dress as they want. Huh. Public display of affection is also banned and homosexuality is also forbidden.

5. Choose affordable housing and transportation

To know how to travel to Maldives, you must have all your options to consider properly. Depending on the average cost of a Maldives vacation, you can either go for less expensive hotels on local islands or make the best of luxury and privacy at five-star resorts on private islands. The excursion, as suggested by previous travelers to the Maldives, is a good idea for those providing airport transfers and ferry services. See the restaurants, bars, pools, child friendliness, rock conditions around the island and of course, the all-around view. For those traveling with children, choosing an overwater villa can be a bad choice as they may be unsafe to play or climb on the jetty. But living between reef fishes, rays and corals can cause tantalizing.

6. Go for all-inclusive or half-board facilities

When you are out on the beaches or enjoy water sports in the Maldives, going for all-inclusive deals can be quite expensive. The all-inclusive buffet can be a great option for breakfast and lunch, while half-boards will include breakfast, lunch and drinks as far as an a-la-carte restaurant according to many Maldives travel tips. Before choosing a deal, make sure there is coffee, drinks and special delights offered, any activities or excursions offered, and if there is a kid-friendly menu available if you are traveling with children. Checking these things in advance is only going to make your Maldives trip fun and easy.

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7. Pack wisely

When considering visiting Maldives with proper packing, make sure that you do not pack any religious books as well as pork, alcohol or tobacco products (without health warnings). Coming to one of the most important accessories, take a waterproof or underwater camera with a polarizer to shoot all of the land and underwater action. All Maldives travel tips will tell you to cut the cost of renting snorkeling, surfing, or diving gear and stick to your budget. Carry at least tropical-friendly clothing, swimsuits (for private islands), sunscreen, toiletries, surf wax, personal care products and medical emergency kits.

8. Check and compare prices for water activities

Among the general suggestions in the budget for a trip to the Maldives, check the distance of the coral reefs from the resort to verify if you can swim a bit or book a ferry from the resort for snorkeling or diving. Sea-kayaking, jet-skiing, parasailing, stand-up paddleboarding, wakeboarding, boating, and whale, dolphin, or manta watching trips are offered by resorts and private organizers. Compare their prices before choosing. Manta-rays in the northern male atoll, dolphin and whale sharks in the South Ari atoll, and sea turtles, rays, reef fishes, reef sharks and hammerhead sharks in Rasdhol Atoll should be on your list. The details of water activities have already been added in our blog on What to do in Maldives.

9. Bioluminescent Beach should not be missed

Ba Atoll should be among the top 10 travel tips to know before you go as you will see a once-in-a-lifetime experience to watch planktons emitting luminescent toxins during the night under the sky. Sea bed. It is one of the most unique things in the Maldives. There are many resorts offering bioluminescent tours, but you have to verify their authenticity first. Make sure you check the time of the event in advance to see how you are traveling or planning a trip to the Maldives, so you can choose the islands or resorts for your stay accordingly.

10. Keep an eye open for tax and hidden costs

One of the main suggestions of Maldives travel would be to look for 10% service cost and 8% service tax (growing rapidly) as well as extra cost for imported food and drinks at luxury resorts. The menu does not have discounts on public prices, equipment rentals, spa sessions, and more. You will not have to pay additional tips, but you can give it as a gesture of appreciation along with a 10% food tax. When traveling in a foreign country, just be careful with these few things, and you are good to go!

11. No alcohol consumption in the country

Maldives is a country which is slightly Muslim dominated and the only place where one can drink alcohol without any worry is in private resorts. One of the best Maldives travel tips we can give you is not to carry alcohol while entering the country. There is a risk of them ending or passengers can be fined by custom.

A small uninhabited Island in Baa Atoll, Maldives. Do you see the small white dot on the right side of the picture? Thats the boat that I’m in.
Photo by Hoodh Ahmed / Unsplash

12. Keep USD for the transaction

Although the Maldives ruffia is the national currency used in the Maldives, the USD is widely accepted almost everywhere. Apart from the local islands, most shops have items labeled in USD. Although credit cards are widely used, including resorts, keeping cash is also important as it requires the purchase of odds and ends. And it is also difficult to find an ATM in the vicinity of the islands of the Maldives, thus it is necessary.

13. Don't Forget Your Sunscreen

Being a tropical place, travelers are required to bring sunscreen with them to prevent their skin from getting damaged. But be sure not to plan to buy sunscreen from the Maldives, as it is very expensive on the island. And along with that it also ensures that you try to use reef-safe sunscreen as the chemicals in other sunscreens are fantastic and harm the protected coral and marine life.