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1 Best time to visit Dubai

Photo by ZQ Lee / Unsplash

Seriously, you should avoid summer from June to September. In July and August, the temperature averages 45ºC and is extremely humid. In September, the temperature drops slightly, but still the humidity remains, so you cannot move outside at night. Try to come from mid-October to mid-May. By the way, remember that the United Arab Emirates is a Muslim country that follows very strict Muslim Sharia laws. As a result, Western tourists need to be a little careful and not behave as they do in their home countries. You don't really need to be afraid but apply common sense.

2 know when to dress

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Dubai is a society with two sets of ethics. On one hand, the places where expats roam, the beaches are full of girls wearing fine bikinis and in glamorous clubs, you can see girls dancing in clothes that are very close to the bikini.

These areas are very tolerant of the way you dress, but in the more conservative areas of the city, basically, the places where the locals hang around, you should always cover your shoulders and your knees, but the good news. It's that you never need to cover your head. For more information, read What to Wear in Dubai.

3 public displays of affection are not tolerated in the UAE

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Not just kissing, but hugging in public would also be considered illegal, including in western areas. Once, I was kicked out of a bar because, there was no place to sit, my girlfriend was sitting on my feet. To be fair, the security guy asked him to stand three times, but we completely ignored him, basically, because we found his ideal to be absolutely ridiculous. 4 during the holy month of Ramadan I do not recommend coming to the UAE during Ramadan, but if that happens to you, - just make sure not to eat, drink, chew or smoke in broad daylight and in public, otherwise, you will be fined.

Also, during Ramadan, many times are closed, there is hardly any event and, basically, life stops too much. Seriously, if you can avoid it, don't come here during Ramadan. During Ramadan, restaurants and shops in Dubai are required to cover their windows - 2 days

5 Remember that, while driving, alcohol tolerance is 0

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Driving with a small percentage of alcohol in his blood warrant jail time. While living and driving there for three years, I never saw an alcohol control test, but, if you had an accident and they got alcohol in your veins, you would be, quite literally, completely f & ”% ed.

6 and the same goes for drugs

The UAE also has 0 drug tolerance. Even if they find that you had 0.1 grams of weed in the airport customs, you will be done and possibly kept for a long time. It sounds exaggerated but it can actually happen and the truth is that people have some real horror stories, which happened to keep microscopic remnants from the previous joint in their pockets and dogs were able to smell it.

7 Alcohol Availability

For your information, let us know that you can drink alcohol in Dubai. Typically, only 4 to 5-star hotels can serve alcohol, but the point is that people open regular bars and pubs and then they attach it to a hotel.

As you can imagine, there are fancy hotels everywhere and there are many bars connected in each of them, so finding a place where to drink is not a problem at all. In addition, you can find plenty of liquor shops around the city but, unfortunately, you need a special license that only expats can get. Alternatively, if you can drive, there is a liquor store called Barakuda in Umm Al Quain, about 90 km outside Dubai, towards Ras Al Khaimah.