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1 Kerala has a balanced climate throughout the year and you do not feel extremely hot or cold.

2 We recommend you carry woolen clothes if your trip includes Munnar or Thekkadi as they are cool places.

3 When making a flight reservation, you can book in Cochin (Kochi), Trivandrum or Calicut depending on your travel plan and in consultation with your travel agent If you are trying for Cochin while booking  train tickets, then find Ernakulam which is similar to Cochin.

Photo by Abishek / Unsplash

4 There is no railway station named Cochin and the code for Ernakulam is ERN or ERS

5 Foreign travelers are required to obtain a visa from the nearest Indian Consulate and remember to apply for a visa and purchase adequate travel insurance at least 14 days before the arrival date.

6 Safety is of paramount importance and we recommend you use seat belts

7 For your protection, at least try to carry gold ornaments.

8 There are lots of ATMs at most places to avoid carrying more cash with you.

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9 Always try to take mineral water with you and avoid unsafe tap water to drink.

10Alcohol consumption and consumption is prohibited in  public places and will be fined if caught

11 Avoid being hugged or kissed in public places that attracts people's attention, being the conservative attitude of those around you

12 nudity is not allowed in any public places

13 Take your medicines and some pills for fever, cold, headache, vomiting etc.

14 If you have a habit of vomiting during the trip, inform your driver in advance. If you feel nauseous during the journey, tell your drive to stop the vehicle and do not vomit inside the vehicle or from the windows

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15 India's time zone is GMT / UTC +5.30 and can expect jet lag for international travelers. We recommend that you visit the time zone of India before leaving your home town and try to eat and sleep on Indian time. It helps you adjust faster to enjoy your journey.

16 It is advisable to take the package with breakfast only. If you opt for a package for lunch / dinner, you have paid for the meal and if you do not like to eat from the hotel, then you have someone other than wasting your money Is not an option.

17 It is not recommended to travel after 7 pm as there will be fog on the road and there is danger to drive during this time. Try to reach your hotel before 7am so that you have enough time to rest and get active again for the next day.