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Photo by Arindam Saha / Unsplash

Kolkata is the capital of the state of West Bengal, India. And formerly the capital of India when it was under the British Raj in 1773. Today it is a city with a traditional soul, colonial architecture, cultural celebrations, lots of car honors and street food. So follow along. I am going to show you my favorite glimpse of this unique city.

Esplanade District is a buzzing district that is very Raj-esque in architecture and history. Colonial architecture exists alongside every man's shopping area. It is also the intersection where you can find a lot of transport from long distance buses to trolleys. Nearby Attractions: BBD Bagh, Indian Museum.

Malik Ghat Flower Market
Mulik Ghat Flower Market is the largest and busiest flower market in Kolkata. Flowers are an essential part of life in the city and are sold for temple prayers, wedding decorations and festivals. Arrive at 8 am to see, negotiate and transport your bundles to flower vendors. Unlike what you see in the photos, there are very few female vendors. Most transactions take place between men.

Howrah Bridge
Reducing the width of the Hooghly River, you have Howrah Bridge, a steel and iron historic bridge connecting Howrah station to central Kolkata (and Mullik Ghat Flower Market). In the morning you can see people bathing in the river and going to their daily puja. A great place for sight-seeing people, you will see daily commuters, commuters and workmen transporting goods and large bundles of goods at all times of the day.

When you come to India, you will see a lot because India is truly amazing. Getting there: Sandwich between Mulik Ghat Phool Market and Howrah Train Station. You can take one of the many buses to Howrah station and drop them near the flower market.

Howrah Station
Howrah station is the second railway station in Kolkata and the largest station in India. It has been said that an estimated two million people arrive and depart from Howrah station each day.

Note: It should take at least 45 minutes to get from the airport to Howrah station, but expect it to take more than an hour if you are traveling during peak traffic hours or during a festival. It is ahead of Sealdah station and you have to cross the river. Kindly check our blog on FAQs on Kolkata to know how to reach Howrah and travel the city.

Sunset in the City of Joy
Photo by Martin Jernberg / Unsplash

Kumortuli or the potters colony of Kolkata was one of the most attractive attractions of the city for me. The colony is re-known for the production of clay idols of Hindu deities. I went before the Bada Kali festival, so many sculptors were busy making sculptures of Kali Devi.

The potters have hundreds of shops and their work supplies Kolkata and is exported all over India.

Khalighat Temple
Kalighat Temple is a major pilgrimage temple for the devotees of Kali. Being a main site, it is very busy. The street vendors and touts there tried to take you in and sold you to park your shoes and it is a little naughty for me now. If you come at night, there are many festivals where you will see a lot of people and there are many shops to go to.

Street Food
Among the Indian cities, Kolkata is the food capital known for its street food. You will find food hawkers, who walk the pavement with samosas, tea, sugar noodles, chaat and ... and walk down the streets down a buffet line. For a few rupees (cost anywhere from 5 to 45 cents USD), you can have a mouthwater feast. Check out some favorite foods. When in Kolkata, eating street food is a must.

Kolkata Food Walk
If you feel timid about trying new foods, then the highly recommended Kolkata Food Walk. It is run voluntarily by local foodies, where you have to taste the best and most mouthwater street food at Scandaloo in Kolkata. I am sure you must have ready our blog on Food Guide to Kolkata and already know about this.

Photo by Ananth Pai / Unsplash

Colonial architecture and city tour
Kolkata was once ruled by the British Raj, so colonial architecture is a feature of the city. The most well-preserved architectures are in the BBD Bagh area, which rents to government institutions and is best for visiting the city to hire a guide or visit.

I visited the city half a day with a waiter to learn about the history of Kolkata, witness its colonial architecture in the impressive BBD Bagh district, visit the sculptor colony of Kumortoli and witness the madness of Burrab Bazar / Kola Bazaar Made up. The tour took me to more local areas of the city. I got my own personal driver and an English speaking guide had an invaluable to share insights into the sights! Although I don't think we were able to cover everything mentioned on the website's scope, we covered a helluva lot in a short span of time and it was a solid city tour.

College Street (aka Book Market)
College Street is also known as Asia's largest book market, Boi Para (aka Book Market), a miraculous testament to the reading culture of the people of Kolkata.

Sealdah Station
Kolkata has two main train stations (Howrah station and Sealdah station). Sealdah station is one of the busiest railway stations in India. It is centrally located in the city, while slightly ahead of the Howrah River, the Howrah Bridge.

Cola Market
Sealdah train station, opposite the coli market station, sells vegetables in bulk bundles. Production comes from all parts of India and then goes to auction and goes back. Some parcels of produce can weigh up to 400 kg and four to five persons can take it from the main road to the truck and market.

So if the sheer volume of production in the cola market does not affect you, then it is willful. .. The workers at the cola market who unload and transport those heaping bundles work in long shifts and sleep nearby so that they can unload the incoming trucks first. Some bundles may carry a man, while others may require 4 or 5. They earn around 500 rupees a day. How is it for a day's hard work?

Indian Museum
The Indian Museum (aka The Magic House.) Was established in 1814, it is the oldest museum in India and the most influential that I have not seen yet. It is a huge museum of artefacts, anthropology and interesting zoology exhibitions. High values ​​of 50R to enter. Entry: 150 rubles for foreigners. 50 rupees if you want to get a camera. Website:

New Market
New Market, otherwise known as Hog Market, is a covered shopping area with over 2000 shops that sell anything from clothing to sweets and spices. It is interesting to see what stocks Kolkata kitchens have and you can definitely see some of them.