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How to reach Lachung
Well connected with Gangtok, the Lachung Valley offers breathtaking views and a spectacular experience on a winding road 6 hours drive from the capital. The scenic drive along the mountains will make you believe that the trip itself is rewarding as a destination.

Photo by Noel Lepcha / Unsplash

Places to visit in and around Lachung Valley

Lachung Monastery
Peaceful liveliness nourishes your soul
While exploring the village, Lachung Gompa (monastery) is a quiet place to spend time to admire beautiful wall murals, ancient sculptures, and peaceful vibes to nourish your soul. If you go to visit the monastery during some important Buddhist festivals such as Saga Dawa (celebration of Buddha's birth, enlightenment and death), Cham (masked religious dance) or Hunsong (harvest festival and New Year of Bhutia people), So you get a chance to look more closely at the local traditions and culture. The handicrafts and carpet weaving center in Lachung Valley displays exquisite woolen carpets, carpets and shawls crafted by the locals.

Photo by Leslie Joseph / Unsplash

Mount Bite

Mount Cato's snow-capped landscape is close to the Indo-China border, 40 minutes from Lachung. Due to its proximity to the border, permission from the army has to be taken before going to the location. While it is a winter wonderland from November to March, Mount Cato is equally captivating during the spring and summer months. At an altitude of 15000 feet, Mount Kato with its snow-capped peaks will attract nature lovers and adventure seekers and must travel in the snow for some unforgettable moments of fun and adventure. In the winter months there is snowboarding, skiing and snow-tubing to entice adrenaline addicts. Holding fresh snow in your hands, playing with snow and watching the golden rays of the sun dance over the snowy peaks is the thrill of making your own snowflake, how you will remember those precious moments spent at Mount Kato.

Yumthang Valley

As far as your eyes can see, he is greeted by a canvas of wildflowers in myriad hues! Sikkim's very 'Valley of Flowers' is a place of unmatched beauty with grasslands, gleaming rivers, hot springs and flowers rolling around. Home to the Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary, the Yumthang Valley is studded with about 24 species of Rhododendron which is also the national flower of Sikkim.
The valley is usually closed from December to March due to heavy snowfall. The best time to visit is in the flowering season from late April to mid-June when the valley is iridescent with hundreds of shades of color, including rhododendrons, poppies, primules, and erases. Even if you travel to the Yumthang Valley at other times of the year, it is a beautiful place to spend a few moments in the lap of nature near the river flowing through the valley, while you are up on the mountain peaks. Let's stare at the snow ice. Passing through the valley can add some fun quotient to your endeavor with nature.
The distance from Lachung to Yumthang Valley (about 25 kilometers) can be easily covered in about 1.5 hours depending on the weather and road conditions. To do full justice to this magnificent place, you should plan to spend 2-3 hours in the Valley of Flowers.

Photo by Hrishikesh Shirsikar / Unsplash

Yama Samand
Known as the zero point
More popularly known as the zero point, it is one of the top attractions near the Lachung Valley. The treacherous mountain road, often covered in snow during the winter, offers an exciting experience and stunning views along the way. Aptly called the zero point, it is actually the end of the road and the last outpost of civilization close to the border with China. Azure skies, snow-capped mountain ranges and the picturesque scenery of Yume Samdong will remain forever in your memories. It is advisable to go back in time and return on time to avoid getting stuck due to snowfall or bad weather. Since it is very fast and cold, wearing multiple layers of cloth is a great way to stay warm and protected. Despite the slightly bumpy road and the feeling of breathing at this height, you will feel blessed to see the breathtaking scenery with a steamy cup of tea in your hands and a hot bowl of Maggi. What else is there in life apart from getting closer to the wonders of nature and losing oneself to the majestic mountains!
Zero Point is ahead of the Yumthang Valley and takes about an hour or more to reach. If you plan well and leave Lachung early in the morning then these two trips can be combined.

Naga and Bhima Nala Falls

Enchoute Lachung has Bhima Nala Falls, a magnificent pit that compliments the splashing falls and some memorable pictures click on the wooden bridge with a gorgeous fall in the background. Another dazzling waterfall en route to the Lachung valley is the Panna-molded Naga Falls. While most people enjoy a hot cup of tea with a roadside tea-stall, and can do a little trek to get closer to the thrill-filled water.