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Often find yourself scrolling through your social feeds, dreaming about distant lands, photography and life-changing adventure? Then you get up and check your bank balance… Traveling on a budget is a difficult thing for many people, and unfortunately some people may stray from experiencing this incredible planet. To make the most of your journey, when you're breaking AF, here are 45 genius travel hacks:

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1. Plan around off-peak travel time

Be aware of the travel season. What is considered "off-peak" in one country may not occur in another. Different destinations have different tourist seasons so make sure to do your research. With a little planning you can plan around price increases and tourist attractions! Travel to countries whose quality of life is inferior to ours or during their low season. Maybe flights are a bit much, but if you opt for Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa or Latin America, you can get good prices on accommodation and activities. In addition, there are fewer tourists and you can enjoy other types of activities and landscapes.

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2. Stay in hostels

Hostel is one of the best ways to travel on a budget This is very obvious, but it cannot be overstated how a more wallet-friendly budget accommodation option like hotels, resorts and hostels with rental homes compare. Not only are you getting a low price (some dorm beds are literally only a dollar per night), but you are getting authentic backpacker atmosphere, and memories to last a lifetime. "There are all kinds of hostels: party hostels, comfort hostels, foreign hostels, rural hostels, etc. Some of the advantages are that they usually have common areas where people meet, so you can find someone to transport, dinner or share Can find for. Daily commute. These people can be hired from reception.  

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3. Take free classes Save Money

Traveling With Free Classes Many hostels around the world offer free classes for guests. You can soak your soul with some yoga, learn how to whip up some local food, or even take a free surf class. With a little research it is very easy to find out which hostels offer the best free classes for backpackers.

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4. Hostels

often have free lunch Look for hostels that offer free food to save money This may sound obvious, but SO many hostels offer free meals. Yes, breakfast is often a given, but there are hostels around the world that offer baked goods, BBQ, pizza nights and loads more. Stock up for free to carry with you until you are excited for the day! Some hostel dishes are more delicious than you can imagine.

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5. Venture off-the-beaten-path to save money

Avoid expensive tourist attractions to make your money last longer Tourist traps can be a nightmare for your wallet. Sure, they are generally popular for a reason, but literally anywhere you choose to travel, there will be a lot of incredible things for people to meet and dine to see, to try it out. For that you don't have to spend loads or queues just for hours! Even some destinations that appear slightly off-the-beaten-path are becoming more and more popular with backpackers as their hidden gems are slowly discovered.

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6. experiences

treasure on material things Traveling on a budget is about embracing experiences in life Souvenirs are overrated. Seriously! Why focus on collecting memories and experiences instead of material things, rather than bringing back a suitcase full of camper paraphernalia. It makes your trip more enjoyable, your bags are so light, and your wallet is so much thicker.

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7. Working in a hostel

Working in the hostel in a great way to get free accommodation “Save more money on housing by working in hostels too. Most hostels require sweepers and reception workers and many work a few hours per day in exchange for free accommodation.

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8. Do you know how much a visa costs?

Come through barger Some countries do not require a visa for entry as a short-term traveler, and others charge for the privilege of entry. Be aware of what you are doing, as you can plan your trip with cheap visa procedures.