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A beautiful Southeast Asian country with pristine beaches, lush green highlands, bustling cities, dense forest cover and exotic cuisines. You name it, Malaysia has it! Rich with a mixed Chinese, Indian and Indonesian cultural history, and its influence on authentic Malaysian food, definitely makes Malaysia a part of our travel bucket list!

Here’s our list of must visit places on your vacation to Malaysia -

1. Kuala Lumpur

The Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.
Photo by Patrick Langwallner / Unsplash

The culturally diverse capital city of Malaysia, offers a variety of places to visit in the city! Start you tour at the world famous Petronas Towers that offers a bird’s eye view of the entire city and then head over to explore a few green patches smack in the middle of the buzzing city by walking on the hanging bridges of Eco Forest or the Perdana Botanical Garden! For those seeking a spiritual experience, visit the intricately designed, stunning blue Wilayah Mosque and the Thean Hou Temple. The next morning, rise early to climb the rainbow colored stairs of Batu Caves. Don’t forget to taste the authentic Malaysian street food at Jalan Alor Night market and experience the energetic party hub of Kuala Lumpur-Bukit Bintang!

2.  Port Dickson

Port Dickson is the perfect place to head to if you are looking for a place to simply unwind and relax! You can spend your mornings visiting the army museum or the Ostrich farm! In the evening, laze around at the beautiful PantaiSaujana or the Blue Lagoon beach. When in Port Dickson, one of the best places to stay at would be at one of the stunning water villas with their own pools at the grand Lexis Hibiscus Hotel!

3. Malacca

A city built along the riverside, sprinkled with colorful buildings, intriguing street art and historically rich UNESCO monuments. When in Malacca, take a stroll along the riverside and enjoy the vibrant street art and humungous murals atKeihl’s Heritage Murals! Explore the beautiful Cheng HoongTeng temple, Malacca Strait mosque and Christ church for the ultimate religious experience!

4. Cameron Highlands

Tea Plantations
Photo by Red Morley Hewitt / Unsplash

Stunning hiking trails and infinite tea plantations – welcome to the beautiful Cameron Highlands, where clouds hang low, dew drops cover the lush highland greenery and a nip in the air that provides you with a refreshing escape! Visit the 8000- acre BOH tea plantation that translates to ‘best of highlands’. Walk along the tea terraces and soak in the smell of fresh tea leaves or join a tea factory tour! You can also sign up for a guided Jim Thompson Mystery Trail hike into the mountains covered with dense Malaysian forests!

5. Georgetown, Penang

The colorful mural and street art filled Georgetown is located on Penang Island. A UNESCO World Heritage site that can be explored on a motorcycle or on foot! Walk through the streets lined with numerous beautiful murals and street art or head on to Penang National Park or explore the wooden Clan Jetties! Visit the Buddhist temple of KekLok Si and the ancient Chinese Clan house called KhooKongsi. Indulge in the local street food and be blown away by this artsy, colorful town!

6. Ipoh

The smaller and lesser known look alike of Georgetown is this colloquial, arty, vibrant and colorful town of Ipoh! When in Ipoh, take a walk down the brick-lined- old style Concubine Lane and the street with colourful hanging umbrellas called Market Lane. Also visit the stunning Sam Poh Tong Cave Temple that has been intricately carved out of limestone!

7. Langkawi

The Malaysian paradise – Langkawi Island that is bordered by stunning white sandy beaches and is a home to majestic waterfalls and the world’s steepest cable car ride to reach the breathtaking Langkawi Sky Brigde! Drop a visit and take a dip in seven leveled pools of the beautiful Seven Wells Waterfall. When on this paradise island, hop on for a sunset cruise or take a boat tour of the dense Mangrove forests along the island’s north-east coastline. Being on an island obviously calls for lazy lounge days that you can enjoy on the pristine Tanjung Rhu Beach or the Pantai Cenang Beach!

Photo by Gaddafi Rusli / Unsplash

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