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Wet mountain valley
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Manali, amidst the hilly slopes, is a paradise for mountain lovers with spell-binding views, charming streams, the fairy-tale-like fog surrounding little hidden cottages, and a lingering scent of pines and freshness. Oh, and you can ride a yak or ride your bike up the famous Rohtang pass to Leh, the valley of the gods.

Q. Is paragliding safe in Manali?

Yes, Paragliding Adventure Sports is assisted by the authorized Adventure Sports Club of Manali. Professional or experienced paraglides take you with them in a great way.

Soaring paraglider
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Q. Is Rohtang Pass open to tourists in all seasons?

A. No, the high altitude Rohtang Pass will remain closed in winter due to heavy snowfall. Tourists will have to take advance permission to take a natural Himalayan road drive in this route in other seasons.

Q. Where is the snow skiing piste in Manali?

A. There is a snow skiing piste in Solang Valley. You can find snow during the winter months from December to March. Skiing enthusiasts should enjoy snow, skiing and snowboarding during these months.

She shreds
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Q. White river rafting is a safe water sport in Manali?

A. Yes, Himachal Pradesh Tourism Board has authorized adventure clubs to arrange rafting facilities for tourists. It is safe because they give proper instructions and oaths of life to the rafters.

Q. Is Manali a safe place for single women tourists?

A. Yes, Manali is safe to go by a single woman. It is pertinent to come under the all inclusive Manali tour package. This will include your transportation, food, hotel accommodations, and sightseeing with an authorized travel guide.

Q. Is it possible to see snow-capped Himalayas in all seasons from Manali?

Skiers coming down the slopes in a ski resort in Slovenia.
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A., the Himalayan Mountains, which are 15,000 feet above mean sea level, have snow all year round. You can see a boat covered with snow on the Himalayas during your Manali tour.

Q. There are ski training schools in Manali?

A. Yes, skiing enthusiasts should visit Manali during the winter season from December to March. Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute of Mountaineering and Allied Sports provide ski training for tourists and skiing per week.

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Q. Is there a risk of acute mountain sickness in Manali?

A. Acute mountain sickness can occur in the Spiti Valley. It is advised that if you are going for mountain trekking in Spiti Valley National Park and this picturesque valley of the Himalayas, then get your doctor checked.