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Before starting the shopping guide journey, everyone thinks that there is hardly any time left for shopping. But it becomes a winner every time and successfully incorporates it into the final day's program. The stalls and shops on either side of the roads are mostly run by the locals. They have an impressive collection of handmade accessories ranging from souvenirs to woolen clothes. Manali has some very popular marketplaces where you will get a good range of products in a quality budget. Here is information about the seven most vibrant and well-stocked markets that will help you in your quick shopping spree:

1 Purani Manali Marketplace: Manu Mandir Road, Purani Manali

Photo by Gaurav Gupta / Unsplash

This popular market in Manali has a distinct attraction for tourists. Almost every tourist of Manali comes to this market. Pass the narrow streets and find the shops - colorful and neatly lined. Once you reach there, you will understand why tourists are attracted to this place. Take time to explore the shops, and you will love the place immediately. This busy market is always bustling with tourists, taking some selfies and bargaining with some shopkeepers. Luggage, T-shirts, trendy woolen apparel, and many more are all equipped with all kinds of cool accessories. Explore, and you'll be awakened by the collection.

2 Himachal Emporium

Himachal Emporium is another attraction for the shopping enthusiasts. If you are looking for artistic handicrafts, this is a place you should not miss. With a large collection of exquisite products, the Himachal Emporium provides a bright and vibrant environment. This government store is known for selling some of the best qualities of hot shawls, pashmin, decorative items, handmade shoes, toys and unique souvenirs. Get a small deal and get a fair deal for every purchase. For every tourist in Manali, Himachal Emporium is an important place.

3 Tibbetan Market

The Tibetan market at 3 Seal is one of the best shopping places in Manali. The specialty of this market is the peace that tourists get here. Here you will find a good range of Tibetan products, some of which are unique and worth buying. Shops are set up on either side of the road, and a stroll through the narrow streets will give you a good look at the display. With a huge collection of bamboo objects, Buddhist painting clothes (thancas), artificial ornaments, decorative accessories and apparels, this market is just the right place if you are hoping to connect with Tibetan culture and tradition.

4 Manu Market

Another market widely known among shopaholics is the Manu Bazaar located in the mall. Despite being small, it is one of the busiest markets in Manali. Walk to the shops and let the huge varieties of products catch your attention. Things you can buy from this place include utensils, books, shoes, clothes, handloom products, artificial jewelry, home appliances, and more. After shopping, you can also enjoy delicious food from the vendors. Surrounded by majestic ranges and dense forests, this market provides a beautiful backdrop for photography lovers. If you are planning your stay in Manali, this is a place that you cannot miss.

5 The Mall Road

One of the most visited places is Mall Road, which is a top place to shop in Manali. Throughout the day, tourists are seen roaming here and staring at the natural beauty that wraps the place. Shops are neatly lined on both sides of the road. This market is known for its superb collection of products which includes original Kashmiri shawls, sarees, books, antiques and many more. Explore the market and experience the charm. Get a chance to show off your bargaining skills and find the best buy deals on the products of your choice. There are some quality food joints around the market where you can roam to get a feel of the place. Overall, this place is a journey for all.

6 BhutikClountation: Bhutti Colony

Bhutico Market is the oldest and most sought-after market among the tourists of Manali. In 1944, a group of women started it as a cooperative business. Bhutico Bazaar has a great collection of handmade Himachali apparel and products and is a must visit in Manali. Tourists flock to this market to buy delicate and artistic products, fashionable jackets, handwoven Pashmina shawls, stoles and various accessories. Also, see here that the great qualitystat's proper ISO marked products are on par with international standard.

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