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Mauritius is one such destination that doesn't need to be talked about as it's quite popular in the Asian and European markets not only as the most sought after honeymoon destination but also as a great vacay stay with both family and friends. As a destination, Mauritius has quite a number of privileges attached to it! Even though it is an island, it doesn't appear to be one due to size of it as compared to the nearby islands in the Indian Ocean.

Lost In Paradise
Photo by Xavier Coiffic / Unsplash

It offers a wide range of alternatives for your stay, right from apartments to hotels to beach resorts to select from. Though long stay vacays are primarily taken by Europeans, even Asians stay for a week on the Island. Connectivity to the island is well planned with charters flying in from Europe and Russia along with regular flights from Asian destinations.

Photo by Jörg Angeli / Unsplash

Travelling to Mauritius surely guarantees not only sun, sand and sea but also loads of pictures to fill in your desktop wallpaper until your next vacation, but for that your selfies and mobile pictures would not sufficeand thus you may need to carry along a hefty DSLR OR you have the option to hire us – Travographer – as your travel photographer!

A picture of my wife in the centre of the Indian Ocean. Crystal clear and transparent water around. Pure paradise.
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Mauritius offers picture perfect locations to shoot a couple, family, or friends and with this shoot, we don't mean shooting down, we mean capturing the best of the moments to cherish them as a memory! From pristine blue beaches to picturesque valleys to lush green mountains, Mauritius has a lot to offer to the travellers which makes it even more crucial to get Travographer to be a part of your stay and get memories to cherish for a lifetime! One can capture moments with loved ones either on the beach of the resort or on the beautiful island of Ile Aux Cerf. To create memories a lot of travellers engage in activities like undersea walk, sea carting or a visit to the beautiful Casella Bird Park, all of which can be easily captured by our Travographer to ensure that you have AMAZING pictures to boast about later!

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A stay in beach apartments or beach resorts are highly recommended as they not only give you a breathtaking view to start your Mauritian mornings with, but also serves as the best location for a beach photo shoot with your personal Travographer, capturing the bright smiles of you and your loved ones, clinking champagne glasses as the sunsets into the blue-green ocean, making it all the more merrier.

The golden palm trees
Photo by Xavier Coiffic / Unsplash

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