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If you’re in the mood for a relaxing vacation on the beach, the beautiful paradise island of Mauritius should be placed right at the top of that list of beach getaways! Pineapples, mojitos, fresh coconuts, and hammocks suspended from palm trees that line the pristine white sandy coastline is only a part of all the awesomeness that is in store for you on this tiny island in Africa! Mauritius is one country that fits all pockets – from luxury resorts to budget friendly ones, Mauritius welcomes all! Moreover, there is no wrong time to visit Mauritius, but the best time to visit Mauritius is from October to December, aka summer.

Mauritius from above.
Photo by Guillaume Baudusseau / Unsplash

This gives you ideal beach conditions, sunny weather, and warm temperatures all day long! So go ahead and rent a car to drive around and explore this gorgeous island. Now, if you’re wondering about all the places to visit and experiencesto have while you’re son the island, fret no more, we’ve got you covered! Without any further delay, let’s get started with the most exciting part of this blog, presenting to you – The Ultimate Mauritius Travel Guide.

1.  Colored Earth of Chamarel

Chamarel is a tiny village on the south side of the island that is home to a colorful wonder of nature called as the 7 colored earth of Chamarel. As the name rightly suggests, you’ll get to see this fascinating geological wonder where the rugged volcanic surface is colored in different shades of red, yellow, orange, purple and so on! Furthermore, the drive to get to this quaint village is punctuated by a number of waterfalls, gorges and viewpoints where you must stop at to admire the stunning panoramic views of the lush valley below! The Colored Earth of Chamarel is definitely worth being placed high up on the list of places to visit in Mauritius!

2.  Visit the Chamarel Waterfalls!

Another breathtaking sight that the village of Chamarel has in store for you is the majestic Chamarel waterfall! To admire the beauty of this huge fall, you must trek to the top of the mountain! Don’t worry, the hike is an easy one!

3.  Lounge on the Beaches!

The whole point of taking a beach vacation would be defeated if you do not spend a hell lot of time lounging on the beaches, swimming in the azure turquoise waters and working on that beautiful vacation tan! Some of our favorites include the Belle Mare Beach, the hidden La Cuvette beach in the north, and the Le Morne Beach of the South. If you love kite-surfing, Le Morne is the place for you. Trou aux Biches offers a white sand beach with beautiful clear water and a reef close to shore which you can explore bysnorkeling.Grab some margaritas or coconut water and laze around on the beach or participate in some amazing water activities such as the underwater walk!

4.  Hike up Le Morne Brabant.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site that offers a spectacular panoramic view of the sparkling blue ocean and the verdant valley below. Hike up Le Morne Brabant to the viewpoint near the cross that was built as a memorial for the slaves who threw themselves off the cliff to escape slavery!

5.  Pamplemousse Park

You would want to pack a picnic for your visit to this 300 year old park! Yes, you’ve heard us right! In Pamplemousse, you will find the oldest botanical garden in the Southern Hemisphere: Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden. Wander around the park looking at the huge variety of plants and giant water lilies before you find the perfect spot for a sweet picnic!

6.  Go Snorkeling & diving!

Mauritius has absolutely clear, turquoise waters that are brimming with varieties of vibrant underwater life! Explore the underwater world and the coral reefs by snorkeling or diving in Blue Bay Marine Park!

7.  Port Louis

Port Louis is the capital of Mauritius which is famous for its quaint French colonial architecture. Walk the Caudan Waterfront and check out the local shops and restaurants as you make your way down to the Central Market. Also visit the Blue Penny Museum to learn more about the culture and history of this island. Plan a full afternoon and evening here to mingle with the locals and indulge in some delicious Mauritian Street food!

8.  Explore Black Rivers National Park

Southwestern Mauritius is the home to lush Mauritian forests amidst which is situated the Black Rivers National Park which houses hundreds of species of plants and animals! Spend an afternoon exploring this amazing national park!

9.  Fancy a Jeep Safari?

A jeep safari is a great way to explore the Heritage Nature Reserve which is famous for its rich biodiversity, natural beauty and complex history! This reserve was birthed as a result of a volcanic eruption on this part of the island! Do not think twice before heading out for a jeep safari with a local guide who will explain all of this and more to you in great depth!

10. Take a trip to Ile aux Cerfs

The Ile aux Cerfs is a private island that hosts some of the most beautiful beaches of the island! Ile aux Cerfs is situated in the largest lagoon of Mauritius and is thereby surrounded by azure emerald waters, a rugged white shore and lush hills! There are a number of tours that would take you to the island from the mainland and offer packages that include meals and drinks on the island! Otherwise you could hire a speedboat and explore this beautiful private island at your own pace! The Ile aux Cerfs offers a unique accommodation experience in a Bubble Lodge! At the Bubble Lodge, you can reconnect with nature and feel one with your surroundings as you would be living inside a glass bubble! This is definitely an experience that you must have when on the island!

Spend your time at the gorgeous island of Mauritius mingling with the locals, trying some mouth- watering street food, quenching your thirst with some fresh sugarcane juice and ofcourse pairing your dinner with some delicious Mauritian rum! There’s so much to explore on this island or choose to simply laze around, we won’t judge! But the one thing that you MUST do is take some amazing pictures of your incredible island vacation and we recommend that you leave that to the professional vacation photographers from Travographer. Our photographers are the best at what they do and are locals; hence they’ll know all there is to know about the best locations for an incredible photo shoot!So go on and hire one of our photographers to follow you around as you create beautiful memories on the beautiful island of Mauritius!