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Goa is a melting pot of fun and fun with its never ending parties, adventures, sun-kissed beaches and heritage sites. Despite being one of the most liked beach destinations in the world and hosting a million tourists every year, Goa is often one of the most inaccurate states in India. Here is a look at some of the most common misconceptions about Goa.

Goa is all about beaches, shacks and pubs

This is the daddy of all misunderstandings. Yes, Goa is about beaches, shaking and pubs, but it offers much more than this. If you haven't seen the magic of the butterfly conservatory in Ponda, visit the exotic spice gardens of Savoie and Ponda, indulge in crab-catching expeditions along the backwaters, stroll through the rural countryside of Goa, the creepy caves of Devils Canyon Wandering between With its lush greenery and Portuguese style homes, you have not experienced Goa in its entirety. Book stay and experiences, hand-picked by our travel experts.

The swaying palms and white sands of Goa | © sarangib / Pixabay

It is either cashews or feni for the folks back home

And remember the array of handicrafts carefully crafted by local artisans? Blasphemy! With coir products, brass works, papier-mache, bamboo crafts and terracotta pottery, you should revisit that gift list. These traditional artefacts can be found at many state-owned handicraft shops and are excellent gifts to bring back home. So, go ahead and make some room in your suitcase for those handicrafts - you won't regret it.

Goa is famous for her salted cashew nuts | © hzv_westfalen_de / Pixabay

Goa is a summer holiday destination

It is more than a summer destination. Goa is equally enjoyable during the monsoon, and here's why. First, it is impossible to ignore the financial benefits that come with the monsoon in Goa, including cheap air tickets, huge discounts on the best accommodation, affordable holiday packages and so on. During the monsoon, Goa will mesmerize you with its springs, lakes, gardens and dams. For example, see the Dudhsagar waterfall, the Salaulim dam, and the waterfalls in the Chorla Ghats and the forests of Valpoi. And don't forget to participate in the monsoon festivals: Sao Joao Festival and Bondarum Festival celebrated by locals in August. Visit Goa during the rains and see its true beauty and grandeur.

Paragliding in Goa | © belyakovacat / Pixabay

Goa is no place for academics or students

In 1842, India's first medical school opened in Goa. Since then, this Konkan state has become home to some prestigious educational institutions: Goa Institute of Management, one of the premier business schools in India; Bits Pilani, illustrious engineering college; Goa Medical College; And Goa Engineering College. Goa can be a boon for a student following some of the best institutions, cultural festivals, supportive locals and academics with a naturally colorful social life!

Goa offers students many post-graduate degrees and academic courses | © stevepb / Pixabay

Architecturally speaking, Goa is known for its churches

A visit to Goa is incomplete without a visit to its historic churches and churches. While the church is an architectural delight, it would be a shame to explore the magnificent temples of Goa. An interesting fact about these temples is that they are an architectural amalgamation of influences: Portuguese, Hindu and Nagari. The structural designs of Mangeshi Temple, Nageshi Temple, Shantadurga Temple and Brahma Temple add more richness and flavor to the architectural landscape of Goa.