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5. Croatia

Zlatni Rat Beach on Brett Island, Croatia There is nothing you can find in Croatia, a country full of great natural beauty and stunning cultural heritage, from pristine boundary walls to lush blue beaches with lush water. Although modest in size, small Central European countries are full of notable historical sites and national parks filled with dense forests, striking waterfalls and incredibly beautiful lakes. Two such sites are the breathtaking Plitvis Lakes and the unique Corneti Archipelago, with its 140 ancient islands surrounded by crystal-clear Azor seas. Split and Dubrovnik, Croatia's main cities, are overflowing with cultural treasures and architectural splendor, while the chic Adriatic city of Hvar on the island of Dalmatian attracts famous fashionistas and celebrities from around the world with marble streets of the same name. Gothic palace, sleek restaurant and quiet party vibe. Don't miss the majestic Diocletian Palace in the middle of the split, or Dubrovnik's ancient city walls - both of which were regularly featured in a list of scenic locations in Croatia.

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4. France

Colmar, France The charming resort with the sun-drenched Côte d'Azur in seductive, cozy France, the charming bistro and priceless art in Paris, the beautiful mountain villages of Provence and spectacular skiing in the Alps have something for everyone. And then there is the wine and cheese, the art de vivre, and the rich history that surrounds you here. Much of the country's beauty comes from the diversity of its landscape, but it also derives from its exclusive haute couture scene and notable architectural heritage, ranging from stunning Gothic cathedrals and Romanesque churches to Renaissance chat rooms and striking Art Nouveau ornaments.

Amazing light display from Mother Nature, very humbled and in awe to capture a multi-hued color Aurora at Tromso, Norway.
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3. Norway

Remote villages in Norway Deep, striking fjords, rugged coastal mountains, and glaciers that take your breath away - all contribute to Norway's scenic natural beauty. Magnificent national parks preserve the country's unique scenery and wildlife, and its handful of cities with Scandinavian sophistication. The northern part of Norway is within the Arctic Circle, so the midnight sun adds to the drama of this remote and spectacular country. Here and there, a quaint wooden village brings a touch of life to the wild scenery, while reindeer and polar bears roam the staggering ice fields of the Svalbard Islands.

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2. Italy

Beautiful city of italy Maybe it is the excitement of being surrounded by the Tuscan countryside, the scenic beauty of the Amalfi Coast, or so much art, culture and history, but there is something about Italy that warms your soul and makes you smile in four moons Lets apply. To face again and again. It could, of course, be a godly meal that tastes like love and incense, or humble, well-groomed Italians, or the joy of doing nothing, but this country looks and feels so good, It is not impossible to fall its charm. Rome celebrates its illustrious past with stunning museums and ruins of the world's largest empire; Venice attracts visitors with its canalized canals and magnificent marble pulzos; Florence is working with unmistakable Renaissance art; And Italian lakes with their postcard-perfect landscapes, pastel-colored waterfront cities and luxurious luxuries surrounded by lush gardens.

Seville Sunset
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1. Spain

Europe's most beautiful country During my travels across Europe, I actually had the opportunity to discover some amazing places, but no other country gave me more living than Spain with its monumental cities, dazzling costs, and luxuriously laid-back lifestyles. And did not feel inspired. And it is not only the vibrant, colorful Barcelona or the royal splendor of Madrid that keep calling me again and again, but the unique charm of Sunny Seville, the Moorish grandeur of the Alhambra in Granada and the villages of Spain's lesser-known autonomous communities in the frozen times .

Quirky festivals keep old traditions alive; Barcelona's charismatic streets stand alongside contemporary art galleries as well as Gaudi's masterpieces; And Romanesque churches are located in the green north of the country. Spain has 44 World Heritage Sites, including astonishingly Roman ruins, old preserved cities and unique national parks replete with rare flora and fauna. Mallorca has a unique blend of all these soul-stirring beaches, the other volcanic volcanoes of the Canary Islands, the rugged beauty of the Pyrenees and the hippie chic of Ibiza, the high-end valediction and Mediterranean charm.