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You may not have heard of the name of Sonwa Jani Hotel Resort, but there is a good chance that you have not seen this famous "Maldives Slide Hotel" anywhere on social media.

It is a hotel complex that has 24 villas that are great fun - they will outlast your inner child as you try and slip into the crystal clear Maldives waters.


Sonva Jani's villa looks like social media was at the forefront of designers' minds, and has been shared millions of times on Instagram ...
It looks like a lot of fun no matter what angle you look at it from ...

The villas come with an outdoor cinema to relax in the evening ...

The best features:

When you feel that Sonwa Jani cannot get any better, then these features will convince you.

  • Each villa has a private pool of 13 meters
  • The villa is built on the 150-acre island of Medhupuru.
  • All villas come to admire the reefs from inside the house with lower areas of glass
  • Each villa has a retractable roof for star gauging
  • Villas start at $ 4000 per night and go up to $ 10,000
  • Villa includes butler service
  • Walk-in mini bar with espresso machine and villa wine fridge
  • The largest villa is 610 sqm / 6,566 sqft

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