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An exciting city where nothing stands still, Abu Dhabi is an intriguing mix of ancient history and modern skyscrapers. From the sandy desert to a huge 7-star hotel, here are the places you need to take a photo.

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1. Sheikh Zayed Mosque
Be amazed by the architectural wonder of this unique mosque. The architects of the mosque were British, Italian, and Emirati, and design inspiration was borrowed in Turkey, Morocco, Pakistan, and other Islamic countries in Egypt.

Be sure to keep an eye out for calligraphy encircling the hollow of the domes, embossed with Quranic verses and painted with gold leaves.

Photo by Katerina Kerdi / Unsplash

2. Cornish Beach
Completely 2 km strip of white sand, grab a deckchair for views of Lulu Island and the Abu Dhabi skyline.

It is divided into three sections: Al Sahil (Gate 4) is for singles and groups, Gate 2 is for families and a quiet area, and Gate 3 is for families and children.

Oh, and make sure you stick around for sunset.

Photo by Pat Whelen / Unsplash

3. Louvre Museum
This glittering museum is the jewel in the crown of Sadiyat Island, the new cultural district of Abad Dhabi. The cultural museum merges French design with Arab heritage and has a series of attractive exhibitions.

4. Emirates Palace
The country where everything is OTT, Emirates Palace is no different. This luxurious hotel overlooks its own private bay and is one of the most iconic sites in the city.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
Photo by Zosia Korcz / Unsplash

The marble bathtubs and 'gold ATMs' that deliver genuine gold are a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

5. Sadiyat Rotana Resort & Villa
The Sardiot Resort & Villa is a fantastic class hotel, and the perfect resort to chill (and cheer up) the outdoors.

6. Leiva Oasis
Take a desert road trip to experience this vast view of gold sand shimmering.

Two stone forts built more than 100 years ago still stand and add extra drama to the red sand dunes. You can splash out and stay at a nearby resort or go to the old school and camp in the desert with camels.

7. Abu Dhabi Carpet Souk
A charming maze of over 100 shops, this traditional carpet soup is a riot of color and pattern, as vendors display their vibrant wares.