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Sri Lanka is fast becoming one of the most wanted tourist destinations in the world as people from all over the world discover the magic and charm of this island in the Indian Ocean.

We've done the hard work for you that looks good on your Colombo Instagram and found the 7 best spots to get that great photo.

1. Black Cat Colombo

Before you start taking all the photos you want to fill up - and a good coffee. The good news is that the food and decoration here is so good that you can start taking pictures immediately.

2. Marino Beach Infinity Pool

Located at the top of the amazing Marino Beach Hotel, you will find one of the best infinity pools not only in Colombo but in the whole world. You will find them here

3. Floating Market Pettah

There is always something colorful and picturesque here and the bonus is also a load of good things.

4. Galle Face Beach

The place where so many people go to see a different side of the city and relax and take a walk. Walk around in the morning or evening with the perfect sunset.

5. St. Anthony’s Shrine Kochchikade

A real mix of old and new; Along with a huge variety of colors, there are lots of unique angles for you to get the best Colombo Instagram.

6. Independence Square

You are getting a stunning photo, but at the same time discovering a little history. Expect to be busy during the daytime though, so if you want more time for shooting, go early.

7.Vihara Mahadevi Park

When you arrive here, there are some options ranging from big Buddha to lush green places and beautiful trees to beautiful rope bridges. Selected for choice to get the perfect Colombo Instagram shot.


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