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10. New Zealand

U.N. The report states that New Zealand achieved the top-ten ranking, even though its per capita income was not as high as many other nations; It came in 32nd place for per capita gross national income.

9. Canada

Canada is tied with New Zealand in this year's list.

8. United States

The United States was ranked high at # 8, but it has held a few places since last year, when it came in at number 5.

7. Ireland

Ireland moved up a few notches from # 11 last year.

6. Germany (tie)

Germany tied with Ireland, missing only top 5

5. Netherlands

U.N says the top 5 countries are unchanged since last year.

4. Denmark

Denmark is # 4 on the Human Development Index.

3. Switzerland

Switzerland ranks third on the U.N list. It recently ranked # 1 on the list of best countries for people over 60 years of age.

2. Australia

Australia is # 2, elevated by higher life expectancy and education levels.

1. Norway

Norway topped the list for the 12th consecutive year. Since 1990, U.N says that the number of people living in countries with very high ratings on the Human Development Index has more than doubled, from about half a billion to 1.2 billion people.

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