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If you want to update your destination bucket list, look no further than the following countries. Count your next vacation days by leaping between these lily pads of different terrains and rich history.

Parisian bridge
Photo by Léonard Cotte / Unsplash

1. France: 89 million visitors

France is the most visited country in the world with a record breaking 89 million visitors in 2019! Comprised of delightful villages and romantic cities, France wears its culture in both iconic landmarks and simple settings. Everything in gold is the audacity to sleep, but the country's aristocratic palaces, villas and cathedrals pull with an uninspired decoration with a non-charm attributed to its long centuries of imperial history. France is the most visited country in the world As if to match, village-chowk markets, café terraces, and daily rituals of coffee and croissants present a luxurious type of luxury. Do not ignore its exterior either; The lyrical forests of Corsica and the warm waters of the French Riviera are well-explored retreats for city dwellers.

Attractions: Eiffel Tower, Palace of Versailles, French Riviera, Chamonix, Mont Saint-Michel, Paris Bridge.

Cityscape of Barcelona city beach
Photo by Enes / Unsplash

2. Spain: 83 million visitors

Passion flares up in Spain, a country designed for the good life. Perhaps that is why Spain occupies the second place among the most visited countries in the world. Sevilla, Spain Embark on an epic road trip from Barcelona to Madrid - a glimpse of Spain's permanent landscape passes like a photographer's reel. Gather around Barcelona's Gothic Quarter and browse Gaudi's experimental works before flying to the mysterious Alhambra in Granada or Flamenco Hall in Seville. There are also Bilbao and San Sebastian to the north, ready to satisfy your hunger with delicious pintex and avant-garde architecture. For nature that changes every season, travel to the hills of the Picos de Europa and the snow-capped Sierra Nevada, reaching the sandy Menorca. From the coast to the mountains and the dry-land outpost you can understand that all the history is lurking in the corners, Spain lives at this time.

Attractions: La Familia Sagrada, Park Gael, The Alhambra, El Retiro, Guggenheim Museum, Real Alcázar, the beaches of Mallorca.

7am shot
Photo by ben o'bro / Unsplash

3. United States: 80 million visitors

America has always been a popular tourist destination due to its metropolitan and small town charm; Last year, it welcomed a round-down number of 82 million visitors. America's endless highways are a mermaid, with a trend toward city travel and road tripping. Times Square in New York City, USA New York City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, and Boston are all cities, ever-evolving urban spaces full of assorted cultures and cuisines. Then there's Musical Austin and Free-Spirited Portland, a San Francisco that is as dynamic as its coastal waves, and Miami that entertains with beaches and nightlife. It also has the cool heat of the Grand Canyon, miles of lush green rainforest and country lanes. And when you tune into radio, jazz, country, hip-hop, rock and pop put you through this mash-mash sights.

Attractions: New York City, Yellowstone National Park, Grand Canyon, New Orleans, Miami Beach.

walking in Shanghai
Photo by Nuno Alberto / Unsplash

4. China: 63 million visitors

It is impossible not to occupy the vastness of China nor the breadth of its existence; It is this indelible quality that tempts you again and again. A road in shanghai, china Enigmatic and transparent at once, the country remembers some and forgets others - next to fast-paced cities, there are crumbling villages, periodically great wall Buddhist temples, vibrant colors of water towns and some Is lively against the grand, gleaming metropolis. Crying away from the desert-brushed shores of rural sprawl. When you have museums full of modern malls and artifacts, allow extra time for the magnificent landscape of China. Choose between the winding rivers of Yangshuo, the concrete jungle-forest of Hong Kong, the desert of Mongolia, and the floral crowns of Qinghai Lake. Or maybe you're better off picking up historical intrigues within Beijing's Forbidden City, perhaps looking for Shanghai's hidden dialects. Regardless, you come to the scenes living for food; For China's culinary variations this means that anything can be eaten and eaten with flavor.

Attractions: Forbidden City, Great Wall, Shanghai's French Concession, Terracotta Warriors of Xi'an, Li River, Le Shan's Grand Buddha.

Vernazza sunset
Photo by Anders Jildén / Unsplash

5. Italy: 62 million visitors

When we think of Italy, it is the 5th most visited country in the world; Among the Byzantine architectures, Padua's frescoes, the largest of Michelangelo's works of David and Da Vinci. People riding a boat in Venezia, Italy Heritage sites are not ideals and minorities, with remnants of ancient Rome and later ruins, remaining as archaeological sites, churches and manors.

Attractions: Roman Forum, Tuscany's Vineyards, Ruins of Pompeii, Amalfi Coast, St. Peter's Basilica, Dumo.