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Pesto Pasta
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Whenever countries known for their food are discussed, Italy is never included in the list. Italian cuisine is a favorite for most people. Their diet is a mixture of colors that leave an unforgettable taste in the mouth. A simple pasta meal by an Italian chef would be finger licking sweet. And it's not just the taste that will tempt you; It would be nice to see it! Popular dishes on the Italian menu include pizza, cheese risottos and pasta.


Spain has a significant influence on some of the food countries in this list. With Spaniards, their food is cooked with such great passion as you would see while dancing a flamenco. Their diets display so much color with excellent taste. He has literally made a mark in the food industry. In the streets of Spain, you will not enjoy tasty treats nor do restaurants disappoint. In 2015, El Sailor de Can Roca, a restaurant in Spain, was ranked among the 50 competing.


If you are looking for delicious cuisine then Mexico is definitely a country. Like its neighbors in the United States, Mexican food has its origins in the European continent with some influence of Indian and African cuisine. Almost all the delicious dishes come from European countries, which have made it to most of the top 10 countries with the best food lists. However, most have some Spanish history.

Mexicans find that food is more than nutrition for the body. It is associated with the bond of love and family. You will not be bored with their food; They have a little bit of everything, a combination of highly nutritious foods. They have enchiladus, tacos, beans, and Xydillus among others.


India tops the list of food countries that have more than mouth watering, finger licking and often spicy vegetarian food. It is vegetarian because beef is not included in their diet, given that cows are sacred to them. Indian food - often called the best dish in the world - blends many spices, resulting in a rich curry with a delicious, spicy chili flavor. Favorites include tea and lentils. India, however, deserves praise for making savory vegetarian dishes.

Fish for Lunch
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We love Greek food. Greece is popular for its rich history, and a bit of it can be seen in cooking. There is no denying that it is one of the most beautiful places to visit, especially when you want to have a glimpse into the past world.

We can best describe Greek cuisine as being picture-perfect compared to people in other food countries on the list. This is the magic of the whip of olive oil; They are among the largest exporters of olive oil. Favorites include salad, roast beef, lentil soup, dolma, and feta cheese.


We doubt if some of the best countries for food are close to China. The menu is so diverse, and you will be in awe. If you are a product of the same origin then you might want to debate it. The Chinese are among the handful of countries that have displayed most parts of their culture in their everyday lives, including their cuisines.

He is known for his engineering and artistry in developing beautiful products. The same attitude is also demonstrated in his culinary skills. Therefore, their foods which are diverse are also superb. Spring rolls, tofu, dumplings, noodles, sweet and sour chicken are some of the favorite dishes. However, beware of fake Chinese food outside of China!

Nothing better on a rainy afternoon in Spain than plates and plates of pasta. Fresh grown scallions from the neighbors garden, jamon, ricotta, lemon and butter. Lots of butter.
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Like China, Japan is careful in everything they do including cooking their own food. They have also maintained their indigenous culture and traditions. When the rest of the world uses forks and knives, they are still using chopsticks. Even more interesting is that he followed suit to the rest of the world, enjoying the foods of his country. You probably had Saiken, Rayman, Sushi, Tempura, Ungi or Shashimi - some of his favorites - and you did it with chopsticks.

Note that there is so much variety in their cuisine. This is due to different geographical divisions. White rice is their staple food, which is combined with other dishes for the entire meal.


Do you know that one of the most frequently taught dishes in culinary schools around the world is French origin?

This comes as a surprise. Well, it should be expected that french fries are a favorite for most people worldwide. The word that best describes French cuisine is "contemporary". This is due to the innovativeness displayed in their cooking among the top food countries. Their staple food is cheese; Famous dishes include bisque, macaron and terin.

South Africa

Durban, South Africa is one of the leading destinations for foods worldwide. It has scrumptious street recipes among other dishes that make it enter our list of major food countries. The streets are full of feasts, while the restaurants serve scrumptious food. The dishes are a mixture of Afrikaner, Zulu and Indian origin.


Think of "hot" food, then consider Thai cuisine. These foods literally bring warmth; They are spicy, crunchy, chewy, slippery, sour and salty all in one. His cuisine has five main flavors found in other foods around the world. Like most countries in the region, rice is their staple food. In fact, in Thai, the name "grain" translates to "rice to eat".

It is safe to assume that Thai cuisine is a combination of different flavors for the influence of food countries in the region. It is close to some of the world's major food destinations, China, Indonesia and Malaysia.

And what's better, you don't have to go to fancy restaurants to try it out because Thailand probably has the best street food in the world. Enjoy it!

Homemade Burger
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United States of America

There is no way to recall the United States on this list. Explain that it has everything to do with colonialism and the slave trade. Thank you for all the migration that has taken place over the centuries; The USA is among the best due to the famous food from various countries. He has proven the art of making pizza, hamburger, french fries and chocolate chip cookies, among others.

If you are looking for a destination with sweet and tasty cuisines around the world, then USA should be your destination. Despite their popularity with dishes from other parts of the world, they have their own pairs such as clam chowder and cob salad.


Let's start realizing that yes, you're right: Hawaii is not a country. That said, it needs a part of itself that is a great place to vacation to Hawaii that is a dining experience.

Like the continental United States and Mexico, migration has had an impact on food. You will enjoy delicious food which is a mixture of both local and international culinary skills. It mainly consists of food truck culture.


Vegan salad bowl
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Mauritius cuisine is a mixture of Indian, French, African and Chinese cuisine. Seafood is their main attraction with many food trucks. Popular foods in Mauritius include Gatco Napolitines, Indian Craps and Dhal Puri.


Turkey is also a migration region, and as such, its food culture has adopted many other culinary skills over the years. It offers you dishes in some of the food countries included in the list, most notably from the Asian region. Durum, Lahakun, and Pistachio are some of the dishes you can expect.


Many of us know that it is because of the Vietnam War that was on his land for years. Although it is time for change; Vietnamese dishes are only finger licking. It is included in our list of 15 food countries, therefore, perhaps it is time for a change in perception!

Unlike most countries in the region, it has healthy food. Look forward to having herbs, rice, shrimp, fish, lots of vegetables and fruits. Banh mi is a famous sandwich with Vietnamese origin, but there are many other Vietnamese essential foods.