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The clouds roll across the island covering all except the peaks that emerge. When they clear the ocean, the Gili Islands and Bali are all visible, but as fast as they come - they’re gone again.
Photo by Aaron Thomas / Unsplash

Bike through rice fields in Bali
Learn about local life and get immersed in "real Bali". Take a bike trip to the countryside and stop at the Teglang Rice Terrace early in the morning, enjoy a buffet with a view of a mountaineer and bike through quiet roads, small villages, dirt paths and rice fields.

Rise on top of an active volcano
See the most beautiful sunrise of your life as you hike Mt. Battur in Bali, or Mt. Bromo in Java.

Komodo dragons close up view
Komodo National Park is the only place where you can get a glimpse of the biggest lizard in the wild. Weekend admission is cheaper than 150,000 IDR.

go scuba diving
If you want to explore Indonesia more, consider building a liveboard in Komodo or Raja Ampat. You will see some of the best dive sites in the world!

Take a bali cooking class
If you like food like ours, you will definitely have fun and learn to cook Bali-style food in a cooking class.

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Photo by Sebastian Staines / Unsplash

Explore paradise on gilli island
Just a few hours from Bali, the Gilli Islands make a good side trip for your Indonesian trips. Gili Meno is the smallest of the three islands where sea turtles frill at the tortoise point. Gili Trawangan, known to locals as "Gili T", is the largest island known for its nightlife.

Insider Tip: Just be careful that the beaches on Gillis are full of coral, which is difficult to walk very far without wearing shoe

Best food to eat in indonesia
You probably already know this, but Indonesia is a food heaven. With its Dutch history and spices, the country's cuisine is out of this world! From street foods to fancy restaurant dishes, you'll want to try it all.

Gudeg: This dish offers jackfruit as its main ingredient. It is a great choice for all vegetarians looking for a little tasty and all tasty Indonesian cuisine.

Satay: The dagger of these juicy meat is cooked on top of coal and served with rice cakes. You can easily find these at street vendors.

Plaosan Temple
Photo by Baehaki Hariri / Unsplash

Babi Gooling: It is a staple dish in Bali. Before the pork dish is roasted, it is soaked in coconut water and rubbed with spices including ginger, garlic, turmeric, and chili.

Rawon: This is a beef stew from East Java. With its deep, dark color and nutty flavor, this dish is something you want to eat.

Siome: This is the Chinese dim sum version of Indonesia. It is essentially a fish dumpling that is often served with eggs, cabbage and boiled potatoes.

Buntat: Buntat is an oxtail soup popular in Indonesia. This is a very tasty and delicious dish that you can eat every day.