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Eleanor Piesamy
Origin Region: Mangalore

It is made from coconut cream and fresh tender coconut.

Pomfret Gravy
Origin Region: Kerala

Pomfret is boiled in a medium spicy coconut gravy with raw mango.

Pomfret Rava
Origin Region: Mangalore

In this Mangalorean dish, the fish is marinated in rava and shallow fried.

Sol Kadi
Origin Region: Konkan Coast

Considered the Konkan's favorite drink for increasing appetite, it is prepared using cold coconut milk with dried kokum and roasted garlic.

Squid Rava Fry
Origin Region: Mangalore

The squid is marinated in rava and lightly fried.

Basley Fritters
Origin Region: Mangalore

A popular Mangalorean starter, these are basically deep-fried spinach dumplings and are not specifically related to any one area of ​​the region.

Alleppey Mein Curry
Origin Region: Kerala

A dish prepared using fresh fish which is boiled in medium spicy coconut gravy with raw mango.

Ken Cuddle
Origin Region: Kudla Beach

The ladyfingers are traditionally boiled in spicy coconut chutney, as is done in the Kudla coast area.