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Every year we spend 7 lakh crore rupees on Indian tourism.  You can enjoy gorgeous mountains, scenic beauty, crystal waterfalls, quaint beaches, bustling cities and historically and culturally soaked monuments. Travelers can plan a variety of travel trips in India with their friends, family or solo holidays. We have listed the top tourist destinations in India that every traveler must visit before the age of 30.

1 Kashmir

Amir Khusro had once tried to capture the beauty and beauty of Kashmir in his own words and said - "Gar bar-ruin-e-zameen ast; Hameen asto, hamin asto humin ast." It literally means that if there is a heaven on earth, it is in Kashmir. This is how the charismatic beauty of Kashmir is featured worldwide. It is one of the places in India that you should visit before the age of 30. It does not matter whether you are planning a vacation with your family, friends or looking for a solo trip. Kashmir is a suitable destination for all types of travel plans. You will be enchanted by dense rivers, picturesque waterfalls, fruit orchids, vibrant valley and lush green forest. One thing that you should do while staying in Kashmir is to ride Shikara to Dal Lake which is a stroll between the Mughal gardens and the valleys of ab betab and u aru.

2 Leh

Leh is the place that is definitely on the bucket list of every travel enthusiast. Situated in the striking land of Ladakh, Leh gives travelers accommodation for its quintessential beauty. If you are making a list of places in India that you should visit before you turn 30, then Leh will have to make a place in it. You can enjoy a bunch of thrilling and adventurous activities including climbing, trekking, biking, jeep tour and rafting in Leh. This place knows no boundaries; You can sleep on the streets winding, with locals and some traditional cuisine.

3 Coorg

The source Coorg is a suitable place for those who want to spend some time amidst the greenery and nature away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. Coorg, which is situated in the mountains of Karnataka, is famous for its beautiful green and coffee growing hill station. It is the perfect place to take a holiday from Bangalore and get a weekend. Whenever you are in Coorg, you cannot miss these rejuvenating places including Abbi Falls, Nalakand Palace, Barapol River, Brahmagiri Peak, Iruppu Falls, and Nagarhole National Park. Before you turn 30, you should go to Coorg with your family and friends.

4 Gokarna

Gokarna is an unconventional place which is not so popular among mainstream tourism schemes. Those who really like to visit some offbeat places to explore the less predetermined travel experience can always rely on Gokarna for their next travel plan. It is a newly discovered hub for hipsters, who get bored every time they go to Goa and want to relax along the beach. Gokarna is in Karnataka and is emerging as a Hindu pilgrimage town.

5 Kutch

Kutch is one of the best places in India, which you should visit before the age of 30. With vibrant vibes all around, Kutch hosts one of the best festivals in India - Rann Utsav in December which ends in February. Among the white salt deserts in Kutch, a person can come with their families and enjoy a spectacular experience. It is a very culturally soaked place that brings all the colors of India in one package. Prag Mahal, Kutch Museum, Archaeological Museum, Mandvi Beach, Aina Mahal and Kalo Dungar are some of the major attractions of Kutch that you must visit.

6 Assam

Assam is one of the best off-beat places in India that attracts tourists for its raw and untouched beauty. Apart from your regular travel plans to visit the mountains or the beach, you can steal your time for the soothing beauty and spiritual atmosphere of Assam. It is at the same time an amalgamation of ecstatic culture, history and nature. Assam is home to several wildlife reserves that are home to one-horned rhinoceros. According to local claims, the Kamakhya temple in Assam is the oldest temple in the history of India.

7 Teerthan Valley

The Teerthan Valley is one of those places that really has to offer you despite all the fun and thrilling experiences that you have to offer. The Teerthan Valley is located in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. It is about 3 km from the Great Himalayan National Park. You can enjoy some exciting activities like crossing the river in Tirthan valley which is hardly in real life as an adventure game. To feel a shiver downstream, you should visit the Great Himalayan National Park and rock climbing while staying in the valley.