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Mykonos is one of the most visited destinations in Greece mainly because the town is so beautiful and idyllic everywhere you look!  You can spend hours strolling through the small alleyways in a complete white village with houses that have blue doors and beautiful red and pink bougainvillea flowers growing along the walls!Apart from the fairytale like beauty, Mykonos is also known for its beautiful beaches, luxurious resorts, summer party atmosphere and wild nightlife! The weather on the island is pretty much sunny all year around and hence Mykonos is jam packed with tourists all the time! Despite being so crowded and a tad bit expensive as well, it is absolutely worth visiting the island for atleast 2 or 3 days if not more! Without further ado, let’s get started with the Mykonos Must Do’s-

1. Explore Mykonos Town

As we mentioned before, you could literally spend hours walking through the tiny streets and still be amazed and enthralled by the simple beauty of this town! So on your first day on the island, put on some comfortable shoes and allow yourself to get lost and in the process explore the town, its beautiful churches, cute houses with blue doors, fancy shops and occasionally stop at quaint, cozy looking cafes to gorge on some delicious Greek food!

2. Bicycle Tour

The island of Mykonos is only about 10 km long and 15 km wide, so most people prefer to explore the island on foot. However, if you want to discover Mykonos in the non-traditional way and also have some good fun, opt for a bicycle tour! The tour will take you through the Mykonos countryside along with a visit to all of the top attractions in town!

3. Visit the Windmills

If you ever visit Mykonos island you will notice these old and beautiful Windmills. One of the greatest points to shoot a photo.
Photo by Jason Blackeye / Unsplash

The windmills in Chora are amongst one of the most recognized and well known landmarks on the island! On the lower part of the Chora hill there are 7 windmills that have been preserved and have withstood the test of time.These beautiful windmills overlook the sparling turquoise ocean and are a wonderful place to click pictures. But do go there early in the morning to beat the crowd!

If you climb higher up the hill in Chora, you will reach the windmill of Boni, which is now a museum. Boni’s Windmill offers an absolutely spectacular view of the entire town and is definitely one of the best places to be in to enjoy a beautiful Greek sunset!

4. Walk around the Old Port

To handle the increased popularity of the island, a new port was constructed. However, the Old harbor is the heart of the island and is simply a beautiful and romantic place to walk at, especially in the evening! The whole port area is lit up with fairy lights and has numerous restaurants and cafes overlooking the ocean. Definitely head here right around sunset time!

5. Shopping

Mykonos definitely has the best shopping scene in Greece. When you walk around the little alleyways in town, you will notice numerous shops that sell really cute clothes, souvenirs, jewelry, handmade leather shoes, art and much more. Mykonos also has a number of designer stores where you could shop at. The best place to shop at is the Matogianni Street which is probably the busiest alley on the island!

6. Boat trip to Delos and Rhenia Islands

The currently uninhabited island of Delos is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is considered one of the most important Archaeological Sites in Greece! According to Mythology, it was the birthplace of the twin gods Apollo and Artemis. Do take a boat tour that starts from the old harbor and visit the island of Delos to see the Terrace of the Lions from the 7th century BC, the Doric Temple of the Delians, the Minoan Fountain and the phenomenal Hellenistic mosaics at the House of Dionysos and so on!

Rhenia Islands is all about swimming and snorkeling in the azure blue waters and lounging on the beach with margaritas and pina coladas!

7. Little Venice

Another one of Mykonos’ beautiful spots is Little Venice which lies quite close to the Old Harbor. Little Venice is a neighborhood of colorful houses that have been built very close to the sea. Most of these houses have now been converted into cozy bars and elegant restaurants which open onto a cobbled pathway that is only about a meter above the sea! Do book a table around sunset time because the view is something so spectacular that you will always remember it for times to come!

8. Churches

Panagia Paraportiani church
Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel / Unsplash

Churches are one thing that you will find in abundance all around the island! Mykonos has some beautiful and quaint white churches with blue domes that are constructed at locations that have some of the best views on the island! Some of the most famous churches are Panagia Paraportiani and Agios Nikolaos in Chora and the Monastery of Panagia Tourliani in Ano Mera.

9. Wine Tasting

Mykonos is hands down a very romantic island to be on, and one thing that goes best with watching a romantic sunset with your partner is wine! So if you’re a lover of wine, then do book a half day or a private wine tasting tour at some great wineries or traditional farms on the island.

10. Beaches

Needless to say, Mykonos has a lot of beaches! The island is surrounded by azure, clear, shimmering turquoise waters that are perfect for swimming and snorkeling in! You could spend hours lounging on the beaches, and if you feel like you haven’t had enough, go beach hopping and lounge some more, ain’t no one judging! Some of the most beautiful beaches on the island are Panoramas Beach and Agios Sostis in the north, Ornos Beach, Psarou Beach, Platys Gialos Beach, Paradise Beach and Super Paradise Beach in the south. The beaches in the north are windier than the southern beaches and are hence less visited. Therefore, if you want to escape the crowds, do visit the northern beaches when it is not so windy there!

Flags in front of chapel, Mykonos
Photo by Greta Caird / Unsplash

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