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The Sultanate of Oman is situated along the border of United Arab Emirates in the north, Saudi Arabia to the west, and Yemen to the south. Oman is a country with modern thinking people who at the same time take absolute pride in showing off their rich culture! This is quite evident from the stunning infrastructure all around the country which has been constructed in a way that all of them have retained their original Arab look with a tinge of modernity!

Sultan Qaboos Mosque in Muscat, Oman
Photo by journaway Rundreisen / Unsplash

In Oman you will find countless sand dunes, huge mountains, stunning mosques, crystal blue natural pools and the best of all – super friendly locals! Oman is a Middle Eastern country and thus has incredibly hot summers. Therefore, the best time to visit Oman would be in the winter which starts in October and goes all the way upto March. Another perk of being in a Middle Eastern country is that the fuel prices are quite low and hence we recommend that you should rent a car and hit the road as you explore the country! You don’t have to think twice before visiting Oman as it has been voted as one of the cleanest and safest countries in the world! Read along and find out all about the route guide and all the places that you absolutely must visit on your trip to Oman!

1.     MUSCAT

Oman city lights
Photo by Adrian Radion / Unsplash

Muscat is the capital city of Oman and is the best place to start your journey from as regular flights are available to this city from all around the world! The most beautiful attraction in Muscat is the Sultan Qaboos Mosque which opened its doors to the public in 2001. The mosque is so intricately carved and beautifully designed that you will be left in awe seeing its grandeur and beauty! Do note that both men and women need to wear clothes that cover your ankles and shoulders. Also women need to carry a scarf to cover their head. In the evening head over to MuttrahSouq which is the longest and oldest souq in the Middle East.

You can shop for everything and anything here, from spices to clothes to perfumes, you’ll find it all here! Just be sure to take along cash as most vendors don’t accept cards. Also, for getting some really good deals, wander into the back alleyways of MuttrahSouq where it is less busy! Next morning head       out for a dolphin spotting trip, just a little outside of Muscat. Spend the rest of the day exploring the city, its malls and eat some delicious Middle Eastern meals!


A 90 minute drive from Muscat will get you to one of the most pretty and magical places you’ve ever seen! The Bimmah Sinkhole is a giant hole in the earth that is filled with crystal clear blue water that ranges from very shallow to hundreds of feet deep at the deepest end! According to the story that goes around, it’s said that the hole was formed by a meteor that hit the earth! Go ahead and cliff dive into the sinkhole, take a refreshing swim in the blue water or simply sit on the rocks and dip your feet in and let the fish nibble away at the dead skin on your feet, leaving you with smooth skin! Not only is this place spectacularly beautiful, but is also a free spa! Haha.

3.     WADI SHAB

A 20 minute drive from the Bimmah Sinkhole will get you to another beautiful, crystal blue water body, set in a gorge! Inorder to reach WadiShab, you would have to take a short boat ride and then hike up an easy 45 minute long trail to get to swim in perfectly clear pools of warm fresh water. There are three sets of pools and the third set of pools is the deepest and there is even a cave to swim to at the end! A relaxing dip in the clear water of these pools is all you need after a 45 minute hike!

4.     SUR

After a swim in the stunning WadiShab, drive towards the beautiful town of Sur, where you can stay for the night. Wake up next morning and set out to explore this ancient town with beautiful old buildings and a stunning lighthouse set atop the spectacular blue sea. Right around sunset time, try and reach the turtle nesting grounds at Raz Al Jinz which is a 35 minute drive from the town of Sur.


Next morning continue your journey and visit the beautiful WadiBani Khalid for another refreshing swim. WadiBani can get a little crowded on the weekends but don’t let that stop you, or simply plan in a way to avoid weekends! WadiBani has two parts, one of which is a lake and the other is a pool of clear blue water in a gorge of white rocks! Spend the afternoon exploring the caves and swimming in the pools of WadiBani Khalid.


From WadiBani, head over to spend a couple of days glamping in the Omani desert of Wahiba Sands! There are plenty of camping and glamping sites that will suit all budgets! So book your stay beforehand and spend the night gazing at the star filled night sky and welcome the morning with a glorious sunrise overunending sand dunes! Spend the day exploring the countless sand dunes in your car or on a camel and eatingsome delicious locally made Middle Eastern food to your heart’s fill!

7.     NIZWA

Your next stop is at the historical town of Nizwa! Nizwa is the home to one of Oman’s oldest and most beautiful castles- the Nizwa Fort. You can easily spend atleast a couple of hours wandering around the fort, reading all about the historical tales, enjoying the views of the palm oasis and simply admiring the beauty of this marvelous fort! Spend the rest of your day walking around town, eating at local eateries and definitely visit the NizwaSouq!

8.     AL HAMRA

Al Hamra Village is actually a man-made island which home to a number of luxury resorts and a luxurious mall and beach! You could spend a night at one of the luxury resorts or get a true Omani experience by spending the night at a homestay in Misfat Al Abriyeen, which is a mud village built into a mountainside in the Al Hamra region.One of the things that you could do while you’re here is to explore the Al Hamra ruins which are estimated to be 700-1,000 years old! Very few tourists visit the ruins, and hence you will barely find any people here! Try and get back to your homestay in time for a beautiful, glorious sunset! Simply enjoy dinner on the roof of your homestay while the sun sets!


From Al Hamra, drive your 4x4 to JabalAkhdar to explore breathtaking views of the mountains! This place is known as the Grand Canyon of the Middle East for its spectacular rock formations and deep gorges! This is a great place to go hiking and also a fantastic place for getting absolutely gorgeous pictures! There are a few hotels in the area where you could chose to spend the night at and enjoy beautiful views of the valley!


On your way back to Muscat or when you start your journey from Muscat, do stop over at the stunning WadiDayqah Dam. The views at WadiDayqah Dam are truly stunning and it is one of the best places to visit in Oman because it is so easy to access yet so beautiful! The best time to visit the Dam is for sunrise or sunset! Words cannot do justice to the serene and simply mesmerizing views that you can enjoy from here. This place is definitely a must visit!

the grand mosque of Muscat, Oman
Photo by Mayur / Unsplash

Oman is beautiful country in all aspects and definitely deserves a spot in your bucket list! There’s a lot to do and see in a country as beautiful as Oman, but the one thing that that you absolutely must do is take some amazing pictures of your incredible vacation in Oman and we recommend that you leave that to the professional travel and vacation photographers from Travographer. Our photographers are the best at what they do and are locals; hence they’ll know all there is to know about the best locations for an incredible photoshoot!So go on and hire one of our photographers to follow you around as you create beautiful memories in this gorgeous country!