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10. Is Ooty Pretty?

I was surprised to see well-maintained roads in this part of the country. And made the driving on all those curves more enjoyable! Although there is a high chance of spotting animals in this part of the Mudumalai forest, you need to make sure that you drive slow on your way to Ooty. This will help ensure that you do not kill any animals crossing the road (we almost kill the Blue Bull!). Don't forget: to roll the windows and enjoy the refreshing cool breeze on your road trip!

9. When to book your Nilgiri Mountain Railway (Toy Train) tickets?

Book your Nilgiri Mountain Railway tickets well in advance I felt that I would not need to book tickets online, and was required to stand in long queues at the ticket counter for an hour before the train arrived on the platform. If I had booked my tickets in advance on the IRCTC website, I could have reserved a seat in the First Class myself. So make sure you learn from my mistakes and follow these Ooty travel tips for a two-fold advantage: You don't have to stand in that long queue for a ticket, and you can make sure you get the best ideas. Get a seat together!

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8. Train ride? Go to Ooty from Coonoor and not vice versa. Thank me later!

7. Trying to eat delicious Ooty during Ramadan is a must!

Savor amazing Ooty food during Ramadan My family and I went to Ooty in late May and we met in Ramadan festivities in every corner. The best thing about it was that the biryani and the variety of dates were available to us for our meals. And while we were not a tasty bowl of biryani, we helped ourselves to the amazing variety of Tamil cuisine in Ooty. Just make sure you do your research and list the top class restaurants before you start your journey, and Ooty food will definitely leave you asking for more!

6. What is the best mode of Transportation?

Although we had a private cab, which was a hassle to walk in Ooty, we used it whenever the car was not available, or whenever we felt like using a local space like the city to go public. Used Ooty Transport We found that Ooty has a regular and reliable state-run bus service, as well as tuk-tuks which help us get around the city easily. Although the bus fare was ahead of zero, before my mother's use the autowallers cited ridiculously high prices and we toured the city at cheap rates.

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5. How are the Chocolate factories?

Tea lovers cover their face before entering tea factory in Ooty While we absolutely loved the chocolate processing room (mostly because of the free chocolate tasting session!), We felt claustrophobic in the Ooty tea processing quarters. Unlike other tea factories, I went on my trips the previous day, it had a pungent smell and we immediately passed out when it was unbearable. We are certain that it was only due to rain, but make sure that you are well prepared before entering this room anyhow.

4. Visit Ooty during the monsoon and you will never forget it!

I, for once, wanted to dance in the rain! The landslides are greener and fresher than they already are, the monsoon in Ooty only added to its charm and we were glad we weren't missing it! If you are wondering what it is doing in the list of Ooty travel tips, then you really need to see it and believe it!

3. Offbeat place to roam in Ooty?

Well, go to the tea park Kanika Ooty Trip Tea Park It was not in our Ooty travel itinerary (or even in any Ooty tour guide for that matter) as many people do not know about it. But it was the most fascinating experience on our tour apart from the Ooty train ride. I felt that it was specifically set up to walk me into a picturesque tea garden and click on millions of Instagram-worthy pictures! After hours of driving and just taking a trip to see those beautiful tea estates with a yearning, I finally got a chance to hang around in one, a tea leaf or two, and with the delicious aroma!

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2. When is the Ooty Flower show?

Don't miss the ooty flower show We wanted us to book our trip while the Ooty Flower Show was still going on. We arrived on the last day of the 22nd Ooty Flower Show and realized that we should have come sooner when we set our eye

1. Where an I buy the Famous Spices and Chocolates?
Buy Ooty chocolates and spices from local stores. The chocolates, spices, and essence we bought in the tea factory store cost us way more than what the prices the local stores quoted. Also, we found the quality and taste of handmade chocolates in these local stores in Ooty way better than those of the tea factory.