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There is a lot of Science behind making a great, engaging video. Good thing that our team is fluent in that and can help you accomplish your goals through videos.

At Travographer, we provide you with our expert opinions and help you Plan Your Video Content.

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Believe it or not, the content of your video matters a lot more than its quality. It is not important to say that quality is not important - it sure is, but if you have to pay more attention, time and energy to one aspect, it must be planning your content properly. To plan your content, Travographer helps you in following aspects

1. Outline Your Goal

What are your goals in life?
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What do you want to achieve with your video? Are you trying to make people laugh? Are you trying to get them to visit your website? Are you promoting your product? Teach them something new? Define your goal before proceeding.

2. Identify Your Target Audience

You can't possibly target everyone in the world, because then who exactly are you talking to? Not having a clear vision of your ideal audience groups will add a thin message to your video content. Your audience will determine the way you write your script, the way you shoot your video and the way you edit it. It will also determine where you distribute your videos, depending on where your main audience hangs online. Think about what you want to see, and then think that they usually "hang out" on the Internet so that you know how to distribute it later.

3. Use the power of emotions

Painted eggs expressing a range of emotions from joy to depression.
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What are the feelings that inspire viewers to watch through your call to action, whether it's subscribing to your channel, sharing your video, or buying your product. It proves over and over again what the emotions triggered by the content are the motives for carrying with the CTA. Read on ways to trigger an emotional response through video to naturally entice your audience to promote your brand to others