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Going to Goa and wondering where to party? Most of the action takes place in North Goa. Baiga Beach is known for its commercial nightlife on Tito Lane (especially the infamous Club Tito and Cafe Mambo). However, the venture goes ahead and you will find some of Goa's hottest clubs, beach shacks and bars. Many are centered around Vagator and Anjuna beaches. Note that some places actually only have a few days when they hold a party, so check social media for what and when.

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Photo by Anthony DELANOIX / Unsplash

01 Hill top

If you're after a classic Goa psychedelic trance party, Hill Top is where you'll find it. The iconic open-air venue has been in business since the 1970s hippies. It has evolved from a small restaurant for psychedelic trance into a mecca that hosts artists from all over the world. A grove of neon palm trees and groovy art installations give it a properly treble vibe. The parties take place every Sunday, as well as other special occasions such as New Year's Eve and Christmas Eve. Hill Top has started hosting a new "Goa Collective" in the all-day market on Friday. There are plans for the annual Hill Top Festival to be held in February.

02 Curlies and Shiva Valley

Goa's most iconic beach hut, Karila, was one of the first tremors in the state. It was being used to create space after the famous Anjuna flea market on Wednesday, although it is heavily influenced these days. The big party nights are Monday (for technical) and Thursday (for trance). The Shiva Valley next to the Karelaans is famous for trance parties starting at 4 pm on Tuesday evenings.

03 Cafe Lilliput

Another long-running Goa Beach slum, Cafe Lilliput, has been in business since 1986, in the center of the Anjuna beach stretch near the Wednesday flea market. In place of chilled-out beach huts during the day and a cold party at night, events occur regularly and often last until dawn. Comfortable beach hut accommodations are available for those who do not want to leave.

Photo by Elena de Soto / Unsplash

04 Uv bar

The UV bar opened in 2008 and hosts killer signi trance parties through Sunday, during the monsoon season. Events often occur on weekdays as well. This huge beach hut is spread over two levels with two dance floors - one on the sand. Calm artwork and visuals add to the experience.

05 Purple Martini at Sunset Point

If the laid back live music is more your scene, the Purple Martini heads to Cliff Bar on weekends and is populated with stunning views from the water's edge. There is a sunset on Friday, and a star in the saxophone on Saturday and Sunday. Live music is followed by a DJ set at night.

06 Guru bar

Photo by Jade Masri / Unsplash

What began as a tea stall and canteen in 1967 has evolved into one of the most famous destinations in Goa, which is still as popular and retains its roots. The Guru Bar derives its name from its founder, a native of a local farming family who saw the ability of catering for hippie foreigners who came with their musical instruments and roamed all night. He provided them with food and mattresses to sleep in, and the rest is history! The vegetable cheese toast they served is still sold in the bar.