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Are you looking for some photoshoot ideas? Do you need inspiration? Discover 19 photoshoot ideas — designed to help you get creative with your photos. Pick an idea, find your topics, and have fun experiments! let's go.

A sunset glance
Photo by Travis Grossen / Unsplash

1. Organize a street photography session with the couple

There is a lot you can do with the idea of ​​this photoshoot. Tell your couple to drink coffee ... walk in the park… walk around the city… • Then take photos of the couple in classic street photography style: No posing. at all. Just clear shot. Even better, try taking photos without realizing the couple. (It's a bit like being paparazzi!) And the best? This is great training for event photography. Especially of weddings.

November rain
Photo by Mayank Dhanawade / Unsplash

2. Freeze a drop of water

Have you ever taken a picture of a droplet of water? All you need is a camera, a tripod, a plate, an eyedropper and some water. Fill the plate with water, set your camera on the tripod, and frame the scene. To freeze the drop you have to use a fast shutter speed (1/500 should be fine). Set a narrow aperture to get a sharp drop. Always keep the eyedropper at the same height, make drops and try to catch them! I recommend taking lots of images to ensure that you get a nice drop in some of them. By using a colored plate you can get beautiful results.

Photo by Mustafa Omar / Unsplash

3. Take pictures of an expectant mother

Having a child is such a special moment in life. So making memories? This is very important. Take pictures of an expectant mother. (And don't forget about other family members.) Pregnancy photos are a great way to have beautiful memories of this life experience. Now, I recommend you start with some basic shots. But once you have a good collection of pregnancy photos, you can add some creative pictures. Images that will add your personal vision to the moment. You can also make the family color on the mother's belly. They can write the baby's name, write or draw love words (which is great for all ages). Painting the stomach is a beautiful activity. If you are not very into drawing, writing a baby name is also a great idea! Another beautiful idea? Include some baby items in the frame, such as clothes, shoes, calming, or even an ultrasound image of the baby! Paying attention to small details with the baby's name works great.

They just wanted to have a cute family photoshoot, so we went to the forest… and, well, they are so cute, that I don’t have words to describe it
Photo by John-Mark Smith / Unsplash

4. Take Your Family Photos

here's the thing: You do not need a special program to take photos of your family. You can just ... So organize a photo session doing some playful activity, and you will be amazed with the results. • Ask the family to do fun things together. • Let children play and enjoy the surroundings. You can shoot anywhere. But if children are involved, I recommend you go where they can run and play. A beach, a park, or a nearby forest are all great options. Ask the family to do things like racing, dancing, jumping, and flying. Activity may vary — depending on location and family mood. Therefore you will need to use your imagination and improvisation skills. Once you find an activity that they like, they will enjoy it so much that you will be able to take great photos! Flower picking is another activity that your family can do during a photoshoot

I was snapping pics at the @fondazioneprada in Milan and I saw this lady with this beautiful white perforated skirt. She was japanese. When she moved around the place the light coming from the high windows projected her shadows and all those little holes on the concrete floor. I kept on following her for few moments, actually stalking her but in a subtle and gentle way. She didn’t notice me. I did notice her.
Photo by Martino Pietropoli / Unsplash

5. Play with the shadow

While portraiture, you can get really obsessed with avoiding face shadow. Why? Because shadows often look ugly or needless. But if you want to get creative, I invite you to embrace the shadow. Don't leave them instead, experiment with them! Finally, see how they affect the mood of the picture. You can start by projecting the source of light from a different direction on your model: front, side, back… Just be careful to avoid strong light going directly to your model's eyes. You can also create shadows yourself using objects like curtains or nets. Again, experiment. and have fun!

In the garden
Photo by Jodie Stallard / Unsplash

6. Take a detail photo

Often photographers focus only on their main subject, the rest about However, you can plan a separate photo session ... ...

a session that focuses on details. Capturing details is a great way to tell stories Experiments with close ups (and even extreme close ups).

Photo by Arpit / Unsplash

7. Use Water Reflection water.

It creates mirrored images like mirrors. You can take advantage of reflections in a creative photoshoot. Go to a natural lake or a park and capture the reflections in the water. A reflection in water can contribute to composition and create balanced photographs A rainy day is also a good chance for a photoshoot. Why? Because you can go out to play with reflections in the puddle!