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We think it's high time you changed your bucket list; Here are 10 beautiful destinations to travel in the Middle East for a remarkable holiday experience. These destinations have modern expeditions and interests set next to an exquisite and panoramic backdrop. There are not many places in the world except the Middle East where you can explore ancient relics and still find time to soak in the sun and surf, spend some time at the beach, or in a luxury hotel Can cocktail by the side of the pool. .

1 Riyadh

Tel Aviv is Israel's second largest city. The city is one of the most staggering cities in the world, a vibrant city where history revolves around the emergence of civilization. It is separated from Israel's largest city of Jerusalem, which is full of religious wonders and holy sites. Tel Aviv is a cosmopolitan metropolis with a holiday outlook, remarkable nightlife, and beach revelations. The modern city has everything you could ever imagine. Tel Aviv is truly a place you want to be!

2. Dubai, UAE

Dubai is a holiday paradise, a city full of many wonders and tourist attractions, including many amazing buildings. With beautiful beaches, timeless deserts, modern shopping malls, soups and lots of fun activities, Dubai is a wonderful holiday destination. The city offers its visitors a wide variety of hotels, classy restaurants, fashionable bars and nightclubs.

3. Doha, Qatar

Doha, Qatar's largest city and capital, offers many of the most beautiful attractions, including modern shopping malls. Like Dubai, the city has become a popular tourist destination for global visitors. Many visitors visit Doha to engage in exciting golf-related activities, go shopping on the sox, travel to the desert for adrenaline-pumping activities and enjoy pristine sandy beaches and ocean views.

4. Petra, Jordan

Petra is a beautiful destination, an amazing wonder of the ancient world with irreplaceable sites and prehistoric sites. The city is a red carved rock, which is full of attractive charm and magnificent prime structure. It has always been an attraction for tourists and travelers who love primitive adventures. Petra is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which has a lot of history and amazing ancient architecture. Petra is a great idea for a holiday.

5. Beirut, Lebanon

Beirut is the capital city of Lebanon, on a small coastline that extends from the coastline into the Mediterranean Sea. Even though Beirut has revived itself from the intentions of war and has become one of the major cultural cities of the Middle East, the city still retains centuries-old eras. The city is known for its history, unique culture and traditions; It offers a variety of ancient monuments and architecture. Modern Beirut has beautiful beaches, luxury hotels, fashionable bars and clubs, fine restaurants and a wide variety of contemporary attractions.

6. Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey, although it is not the capital city. The city is a popular tourist destination with many beautiful attractions including stunning mosques and museums. There is always something to see and do in Istanbul for shopping and hunting in small markets, festivals, Aghia Sofia, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Place and many more places. Istanbul brings East and West together, a mix of Asian and European culture.

7. Cairo, Egypt

Cairo is a beautiful city that attracts travelers from fascinating archaeological sites to visit, fascinating architecture, a lot of history and culture. Cairo is a great option for a holiday. The city is famous for prehistoric buildings such as the Sphinx and the iconic pyramids. Apart from sightseeing, Cairo has many interesting things such as shopping, cruises and partying.

8. Abu Dhabi, UAE

Abu Dhabi is a beautiful destination, one of the popular travel destinations in the Middle East. The city is rich in culture and heritage, full of luxury hotels, fine restaurants and Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Khalifa Park, Souks, Heritage Village and many more. Visitors travel to enjoy this captivating holiday, and explore the city, its fascinating history, amazing comforts and modern infrastructure.