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Why do Indians travel? Or, how do Indians choose their travel destinations? The destination's landscape, its history, and its beauty would seem to do it, but the truth is quite different. Recent studies have shown that Indians mostly travel based on taste, which means they pick their travel destinations based on the cuisine of the destination. As a result, most Indian holidays are food-based, and we got very excited about food.

Here is a list of Indian cities and the cuisines they serve; perhaps, this will help you plan your next vacation.


Food lovers know the capital of the country as the food capital of India. The cities of India have some of the best street food, such as Chaat, Chhole Bhature, and Butter Chicken. Delhi is home to delicacies such as Nihaari, Daulat ki Chaat, Moth Kachori, and Kesar Lassi.

Food lovers visiting this Indian city must take part in some of its renowned food trails. Parathe Wali Gali has hundreds of parathas with different fillings, including mashed potato, radish, onion, and even cheese. In Sadar Bazar, you can try Sitaram Diwanchand's chole bhature or visit Chandni Chowk early in the morning for Kallu Nihari wale's delicacy. You can find the best galactic kebabs in New Delhi at Rajinder Da Dhaba in Safdarjung Enclave, and the best-fried fish pakodas at Ganesh and Karol Bagh. The majestic cuisines of Delhi, which is a huge city in itself, require multiple visits for foodies. It truly lives up to its claim of being the food capital of India.


Amritsar will appeal to all desi food lovers. You can enjoy ample amounts and pure quality ghee, butter, milk, buttermilk, and curd in the famous dishes. You shouldn't be surprised if you gain some weight if these are the key ingredients. Dhaba culture and authenticity will make you addicted to the place if you're a foodie.


Kolkata is one of those Indian cities for food lovers, which never disappoints when it comes to food. With sweets that melt in your mouth and the best Kathi Rolls that will leave a lasting taste in your mouth, this city has it all. In Kolkata, you should not miss the authentic Chinese food at China Town and the Mughlai Parathas and Cutlets from the narrow streets of North Kolkata.

The introduction to Kolkata's amazing street food culture is incomplete without visiting Park Street. Kolkata is also known as one of the best street food cities in India. Several street vendors sell jhal murhi, chanajor garam, and ghughni. If you want to finish off with the most homely fish curry prepared in Bengali style, you can always visit Ballygunge Place or Kasturi, at Park Circuits, for its signature biryani and cheese kebabs. If you walk through the lanes of New Market Kolkata, you will discover the most amazing sweet shops where you can enjoy traditional sweets such as roshogulla, jalebi, and kachori.


In the lap of the Dhauldhar Mountain range, Dharamsala is renowned for its Tibetan monasteries and trekking trails. Unlike other Indian cities, the food in this city is influenced by Tibetan culture and you will find momo, thupkas, and shady prepared in the most authentic way you can imagine. Dharamsala is undoubtedly home to some of the best cuisines in India.

McLeodganj in particular has many eating joints. There is a popular vegan cafe in the main square called Bodhi Greens, which caters to vegan food lovers and travelers. Jimmy's, just steps away, serves the best cheesecakes and thin-crust pizza. Visit the market for some of the best street food. You'll discover a lot of food stands serving steamed momos filled with vegetables, chicken, and pork. If you walk further away from the main town, you will find an amazing German Bakery in Dharamkot with awesome cheesecakes and home-brewed coffee.


Hyderabadi Biryani, considered the best biryani in India, is a unique dish offered by this city. But that's not the only delicacy this ancient city has to offer. They are also known for serving the best street food in India. Assi Ghat is the best place to start your food tour of Varanasi. It has some of the best cuisines in the city! The land of Nizams doesn't let its food lovers down when it comes to Haleem and Seekh Kebabs. Visit the Karachi Bakery for some delicious biscuits. The Hotel Shabad on Marina Road serves amazing chicken nihari for just INR 60. Chutney's is a very popular restaurant where people wait for hours to enjoy Uttapams. Guntur Idlis. Corn Dosa and Paneer Tikka Dosa.


Momos are indigenous to the northeast. And Sikkim's variety of momos (dumplings), Thukpa (noodle soup), and Phagshapa (pork fat) will amaze you. Therefore, if you're in Sikkim, you know what your food order should be.

If you cannot help but smile every time you hear someone mention ‘food’, then you should definitely add these cities to the list of places to visit. Food has a direct connection to ones heart so has these places.

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