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A beautiful country which is situated in the south-western Pacific Ocean, popularly known as New Zealand. There are many lakes, rivers and pools in the country. The capital of New Zealand is Wellington. The country is also sovereign. New Zealand is said to be a very safe and friendly country. It is counted as the second safest country in the world. The number of crimes in this country is less as compared to other countries of the world. There are some exceptionally beautiful places and spots in this country that are ideal for photography. If anyone is fond of photography, this place would be ideal. The landscape cannot be explained in words. Every year, thousands of people visit New Zealand primarily for the purpose of tourism. Some of them aspire to explore the country while others run for it and occasionally take some amazing pictures of natural and wild animals.

Places For Photography In New Zealand

Let's now have a small glimpse into some of the most beautiful places for photography in New Zealand that are perfect for photography and scenic beauties. New Zealand is considered a very photogenic spot and here is our New Zealand, a photographer guide.

1. Nature Coast, Wellington

Nature Coast

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This beach is the best place to take photos. The coast is full of birds that are native. Some of them are Takhe, Vika, Kaka, Morpark etc. If you wish, you can stay here and watch the birds overnight. The island is mainly reserved for the conservation of natural and native birds. However, human movement has several limitations. Complete silence is to be kept at this place. There are many coasts in this place which are very well known for their extraordinary coasts. They are well maintained.

2. South Island

South Island

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The South Island is less densely populated. The place going from Kahurangi National Park to South Island is included in UNESCO World Heritage. There are some breathtaking scenes which can be seen here. People who are very keen on taking photos can easily take snacks of beautiful nature. In the national park, the visitor can recognize many types of species, which are rarely seen. There are wide varieties of wild animals in most of the national park. It really gives a wonderful experience to observe animals and their habitats. For photography you will find the most beautiful places in the South Island of New Zealand.

3. Rotorua


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Rotorua is famous for its geothermal plant. This place is quite famous for the Maori culture of New Zealand. There are many natural parks in and around the place which have a variety of native species. If you wish, you can also take pictures of Maori culture with indigenous species. Kiwi, which is considered the national bird of New Zealand, is often seen here. It is a native bird that cannot fly. The body does not have tail feathers. You can take enough pictures of kiwis.

4. Cape Kidnappers

Cape Kidnappers

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It is also considered as another bird watching place. If you are a bird lover then you can easily sit and watch beautiful birds. The cape is home to around 20, 000 birds that have their own home. The best time to observe the birds is during the months of December and January. So if you are in New Zealand then it is mandatory to visit this place. You will come across a wide variety of species.

5. Kaikoura

Kaikoura City

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It is a small town situated between the mountains and the seas. Kaikoura is called the pelvic bird capital of the country. Wide varieties of petrel, shag, prion are seen on the coastline. This place has now become a great place for tourism. People who like photography usually visit this place. However, it is best to go to the coast during low tide. During this time you can observe seals on the rocks. You can take pictures of seals and other types of sea fishes.

6. Nugget Point

Nugget Point

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This point is the ideal place where a person can sit and spend some time. It is less congested than elsewhere. If you sit here for some time, you will observe the sounds of seals and different kinds of birds. The best time to visit these places, especially during sunrise and sunset. If possible, do not forget to take pictures of sunrise and sunset. It seems that you are standing on the last point of the earth. People who have a strong feeling for photography mostly prefer to stay at this place.

7. Milford Sound


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If you have a good interest in wildlife, forests and waterfalls, Milford Sound will be the right place for you. Milford is famous for its sunset views. Even if you are passing through this place, it is always advisable to stop for a moment to cherish its natural beauty. There is silence all over the place. This place is called one of the highest places on the entire earth.

8. Glenorchy


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It is also a magnificent place which is famous for its natural beauty. There is a small concrete road on the banks of Lake Wakatipu. A simple walk on the road and a view of the mountains will really give you a wonderful feeling. Just walk on the road in endless way. You will feel that the cool breeze of the lake is slowly touching you.

9. Moke Lake

Moke Lake

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It is a very famous place in New Zealand. It is about a short drive from Queensland. It is the perfect place to take photos. If you wish, you can stop and have some beautiful snacks. The mountains that surround this lake are covered with snow, especially in the months of December and January. Photos taken during this time look great from all angles. You can stop here for a few moments and take some awesome clicks. It seems that this place is completely out of the world.

10. Lake Tekapo

Lake Tekapo

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This place is considered an ideal place for all types of shooting. This place is completely man-made. From this point the view of sunrise and sunset becomes quite transparent. If you wish, you can make a camp and wait to see the beauties. Most shooting takes place in this lake. During sunrise, it takes little time to escape from the high mountains and touch the lake. But once the rays of the sun touch the lake, the water becomes a golden river. Any picture taken during this time is simply amazing and perfect. It has been observed that New Zealand is considered an ideal place for lakes, rivers and oceans. There are enough open spaces in and around the country. In addition, there are many natural parks that have been known since ages. The rivers have blue and transparent water. The whole place looks like heaven.

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If you are a true nature lover or have a deep love for nature, then this would be a truly amazing place. Now plan a great New Zealand trip and have a great experience with New Zealand photography.