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After conquering the land, humans always wanted to touch the blanket of clouds above their heads. Paragliding will fulfill all your desires of gliding in the blue sky and flying like a bird. Paragliding is an aero sport guided by expert pilots who take safety measures before taking the flight down.

At one time, this sport was not popular in India, but adventure lovers are now spending money to experience a thrilling time in the air. Different paragliding places in India satisfy the adventure-cravings of risk-takers. They want to glide down freely after conquering the sky. It is as thrilling as it seems to be.

Here are the best places in India you can go Paragliding

Bir Billing

This hilly state offers the best paragliding spots. Bir Billing is the best paragliding spot in India. A small village in Himachal Pradesh hosted the first paragliding world cup. It is one of the best paragliding destinations in India. Paragliding is also popular in Devidhar, Parvati Valley, Rohtang, and Bakhli in Himachal.


It is impossible to put a price on the unobstructed views of the Himalayas. The paragliding expenses here range between Rs. 2000-8000 per person.


Manali is another famous paragliding destination in Himachal. You can try paragliding here anytime except during the monsoon season. Paragliding is most popular in Manali's Solang Valley and Marhi. Paragliding in Manali is one of the most popular sports in India since the sport is available all year except during the monsoon season. Manali is a popular paragliding destination in India.


Located 110km from Mumbai and 45km from Pune, Kamshet is a beautiful nature's paradise decked up along the Sahyadri ranges and valleys. A paragliding flight from the tower hill, which is the launch area for the paragliders, will give you a unique perspective of the villages of Kamshet.


Nainital, the city of lakes, offers paragliding and soars in the sky. You will fly high in the sky at 2000 meters with Bhimtal and Naukuchiatal. From the heights, you will enjoy an exotic view of the lakes. March to June is the adventurous season in this place and October to December is the winter season where you can enjoy the winter mist.


In addition to streets full of gaming cafes, Silicon Valley has recently gained ground in this adventure sport. Paragliding in Bangalore is available at Hoskote Lake, 20 km from the main city. Nandi Hills, located 65 km from the town, is another hub of paragliding, with a height of 1478 m. Many people prefer paragliding in Nandi Hills, India. Para jumping and hang-gliding are also available to adventurers.


The best weekend getaway in India offers you breathtaking beaches, mouthwatering cuisine, and spirited parties. We couldn't have asked for more from Goa. Then she shoots for the stars! Arambol's paragliding scene drops you off a cliff only to have you glide smoothly over the glistening waters of Goa.


Yelagiri is the place to go paragliding in Chennai. Three hours from the city center, Yelagiri offers paragliding from a height of 2200 meters and has a vast clearing of natural expanse. Marina Beach also offers parasailing in the evenings. Sounds exciting, doesn't it? Take advantage of both of these activities soon. This is one of the best paragliding spots in India.


In recent years, rafting and Rishikesh have become synonymous. This holy hill station is famous for its white water rafting. For those who wish to paraglide in Rishikesh, Ranikhet is a good option at a distance of 120 km. Here, several operators offer parasailing and paragliding activities. Spend a long weekend here, and try both. You won't have to worry about the cost of paragliding in India, so don't worry about it and get ready to experience the best paragliding spots in India.


Shillong in Meghalaya is known as the Scotland of the East and is one of the best places in India to paraglide. One can enjoy panoramic views of the city while paragliding in the city. Views of the lush green surroundings are incredible from high above. A trip to Shillong would be a memorable experience for adventure lovers! Take a trip soon.


You can try paragliding in Gangtok if you are heading to the northeast and looking for adventure sports. While flying high in the sky, take in the breathtaking views of the Himalayas and the lush landscape below. To ensure you experience the best paragliding in India, the operators in Gangtok offer tandem flights and do not require any training beforehand. Enjoy your flight!

Dreamer invented paragliding – a thrilling adventure sport that allows you to soar high, with the vast expanse of nature underneath. If you are an adventure junky these places are for you, for more exciting blogs like these keep reading Travographer.

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