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The Coronavirus pandemic has forced people to stay in isolation, given the contagious nature of the virus. If you are planning to travel, a 14-day institutional or home quarantine is a must at most places. Now as the country is unlocking in phases, several places in India have lifted all regulations regarding institutional quarantine.

While every single person is giving their bit to contribute to a safer community and nation, here we have listed the places which have become corona-free by not registering new cases in recent times. This will help you to decide your travel plan and have a safe journey. Since you are free to move throughout the country, yet we request you to travel only for essential purposes and with utmost safety measures.

Check out the list of COVID free destinations in India below which include places that have zero or minimum cases of coronavirus


Places to visit in Lakshadweep 

Lakshadweep is one of the few places in India where there has not been a single confirmed case of Coronavirus. Lakshadweep was able to minimize the effects of Coronavirus thanks to the collective efforts of its authorities and locals.


Best places to visit in Goa

In April, the state of Goa declared that it was fully recovered and there were no Corona cases. In recent years, a few cases have been found in the state, but the overall situation of Goa is quite stable.

South Goa is now confirmed to be Corona-free, allowing the government to reopen tourism in Goa.

Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh has opened its borders for tourists without quarantine requirements for those wanting to hide amidst mountains.


With the government allowing tourists to enter the state without a COVID negative report or quarantine restrictions, Uttarakhand is another excellent option for mountain lovers. However, you must register on the government portal.


Tourists can enter the union territory without a COVID-19 negative result or quarantine requirements. If someone tests positive for the virus here or starts showing symptoms, they will have to report to a government-run hospital.

Arunachal Pradesh

With the recovery of their lone patient, Arunachal Pradesh has become another state with no Coronavirus cases. Travel to Arunachal Pradesh is considered safe because the state does not have many reported cases even now

Daman and Diu

Best places to visit in Daman and Diu 

Despite sharing a border with Gujarat and being close to Maharashtra, Daman is still untouched by Coronavirus. Daman and Diu have nicknamed their people 'Corona Warriors' for their collective support and obedient compliance with rules and regulations.


Best places to visit in Sikkim

While dealing with Coronavirus, the North East states are doing an amazing job. Most of the seven states are free of Corona or have the fewest confirmed cases, making them safe to travel to.


Best places to visit in Ladhak

If you will be staying in Ladakh for less than five days, you can skip quarantine by providing a negative RT-PCR test (96 hours old).


Best places to visit in Mizoram

Corona is almost nonexistent in Mizoram as compared to other states in India. If you have any travel plan for Mizoram, you can travel without worrying about catching the virus. While traveling, make sure you take all the necessary precautions. You can travel to Mizoram without fear of contracting a virus.


Best places to visit in Nagaland

Nagaland is going through a constant rise in Corona cases, but it still ranks very low when compared to other states. You can travel to Nagaland by following the instructions provided by the state and central governments.

Even though these few places in India have flattened the curve and kept the country firm, we request you to travel only when it is for an important reason. If you are traveling, be sure to follow social distancing norms, sanitize yourself properly, and avoid touching your eyes, mouth, and nose.

Be safe while traveling, slowly many states are lifting restrictions, but ensure safe travel and read Travographer for more blogs.

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