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Picnic - There are very few small shops in this continent where you can make pre-made sandwiches or ingredients to make your own. Buy some food, eat outside, and look at the city. This is a much more enjoyable and inexpensive way to eat.

Couchsurf - Hostels can add up really quickly. If you do not have a friend you can live with, consider using the service CouchSurfing, which lets you connect with locals who will let you live with them for free.

Eat local and cheap - not at a picnic? That's right, there are other ways to save money on food. Eat local sandwich shops, pizza parlors, maos, walk to walk, outdoor street vendors and the like. Avoiding restaurants and eating at local "Grab n 'Go" places will give you a taste of local cuisine at a very cheap price.

It was a cold winter’s night in Australia’s Blue Mountains region of New South Wales and we were told there was a meteor shower for the ages inbound. Set this shot up and while i’m not convinced the meteor shower was real, was more than happy to settle for a shooting star and a dwarf galaxy.
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Camp in a garden - A very good camp service is typical, which is the campspace, which allows you to place a tent in someone's backyard for a free or nominal fee (around 4-10 EUR). It is a new service that started in 2010 but more and more people are signing up for it every day. All garden owners have profiles that tell you what services and facilities they provide.

Take the bus - Budget bus companies like Flixbus can take you to the continent cheaply. It's not glamorous, but you can't really complain for tickets starting at 5 EUR (6 USD)!

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Get a Rail Pass - The Eurail Pass has saved me hundreds of dollars when I traveled around. If you are traveling far and going through many countries, then they are a great thing.

Visit the free city - One great thing about Europe is that you can find free walking tours in all major cities. They can be a great way to see the charm of the city, take in some history, and learn its bearings without spending any money.

Plan accordingly - transportation can eat into your budget. Travel takes money. A good way to save money is to avoid going in strange directions. Proceed in a straight line, and avoid doubling down and paying too much for transportation.

Fly Cheap - If you know where you are going and a train is not running, try to book flights early. You can often get round trip fares as low as 5 Euros (6 USD) from many discount airlines flying through Europe such as Ryan Trip or EasyJet.

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Drink less - they actually add 5 EUR (6 USD) of beer. Happy hour or pick up and choose when you party. The hostel bar is a good place to get cheap drinks or to buy your wine in the supermarket. Partying across the continent will destroy your bank balance in no time.

Get a city tourism card - Local tourism offices issue a tourist card for all their attractions, tours and restaurants. The card gives you free entry and substantial discounts on all the city's attractions and tours, free local public transport (a huge plus), and discounts at some restaurants and shopping malls. They save a ton of money. If you plan to do a lot of sightseeing, get one of these cards.

There is an ISIC card - to save 20-50% on the cost of entry to museums and other tourist attractions, be sure to present a valid card. ISIC is generally accepted in places where there is no foreign student ID.

Rideshare - If you are flexible in your schedule, use the ride service BlaBlaCar and ride with locals between cities (or countries). I used this service in Switzerland and not only did I save a lot of money, but I got to meet and learn from interesting people about the local culture and life. The drivers are verified and it is completely safe (although sometimes the ride is not visible, which is why you need to be flexible).